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November 8, 2002

Writing Letters Does Pay Off, Don't Stop Doing It!

Date: Tue, 05 Nov 2002
From: William A. Levinson
Subject: Trigger locks: Wall Street Journal

Dear JPFO,

If you get (or have access) to the Wall Street Journal, take a look at the letters to the editor in today's issue (Nov. 5). I managed to get my response to Governor Parris Glendening (D-MD) printed. Here's what I sent them; they printed most of it without alteration.

To the Editor;

Maryland governor Parris Glendening's "Ballistics Data Network Scores Notable Success" (23 October, 2002) accuses critics of programs like ballistics fingerprinting of being shortsighted or manipulative. Governor Glendening himself, however, is guilty of pushing "gun safety" measures that he has personally proved will cause the deaths of innocent people.

"Yesterday, the Maryland-National Capital Park Police announced that its officers would begin using one version of the locks, locking magazines, on their Glock pistols when they are off- duty. At a photo opportunity at the department's Silver Spring headquarters, Glendening had an extended struggle to remove a locking magazine from one of the pistols" ("Dumbing Down Smart Guns: Md. Senate to Vote on a Weakened Version of Bill." Daniel LeDuc, Washington Post Staff Writer, Thursday, March 23, 2000; Page B04).

Handgun Control Inc. lawyer Dennis Henigan similarly extolled the ease of operation of a trigger lock. He brushed off his botched demonstration of one at an antigun conference with the words, "Even if a klutz like me fumbles on the first try, the benefits of having a lock outweigh the risks" (Barrett, "A Simple Invention Points Up Complexity of Gun-Control Suits," Wall Street Journal, 4/23/99, A1).

Sorry, Mr. Henigan and Mr. Glendening; you don't get a second try. Had you been facing armed assailants, you would be DEAD, along with any family members who were relying on you for protection. If anyone is being shortsighted, manipulative, or worse, it is Messers. Henigan and Glendening for continuing to push this snake-oil technology despite their own experiences of its easily-fatal consequences in life-threatening emergencies.

Bill Levinson

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