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November 27, 2002

Innocents Betrayed and Armed Citizen Corps

From: Aaron Zelman

RE: Innocents Betrayed and Armed Citizen Corps

I'm very pleased to announce that Dr. Ignatius Piazza of Front Sight Firearms Training Institute has donated $5,000 to help complete JPFO's Documentary "Innocents Betrayed."

Dr. Piazza has also graciously offered to also donate $300 from the tuition of EVERY person who enrolls in Front Sight's Armed Citizen Corps and marks JPFO on their application.

The donation will be in YOUR name so your name will roll with the credits at the end of the documentary!

Once again, our good friends at Front Sight Firearms Training Institute near Las Vegas, Nevada, are leading the way to support the intent and purpose of the Second Amendment. This time it is Front Sight's Armed Citizen Corps! I must say that Front Sight's Armed Citizen Corps is one of the greatest answers to stopping crime and terrorism on US soil. Plus it gives you a fantastic way to dramatically increase and refine your firearms skills to the highest levels possible and secure everything you need to carry a concealed handgun in 23 states!

Ignatius Piazza, Front Sight Founder and Director, stands among the leading visionaries and patriots who work not only to protect our rights but also to extend firearms familiarity and competence as widely as possible among civilians. Through Dr. Piazza's leadership, Front Sight has trained over 20,000 citizens in the use of the Uzi submachine gun, free of charge! Politicians, anti- gun groups and bureaucrats try to prevent people from gaining skill in the use of automatic weapons but Front Sight provides the guns, ammo, and training free of charge to law-abiding private citizens.

After Columbine, when others were recoiling from the irresponsible use of firearms, Front Sight stood up and offered their Armed Teacher Program as a solution to immediately stopping a deranged gunman from attacking our schools. As a result of Front Sight's efforts, TV news personalities attended Front Sight and this resulted in numerous news agencies, including Good Morning America running very positive stories bout gun ownership.

The day after 9/11, Dr. Piazza again stepped up and demanded that pilots be armed as the best line of defense against a terrorist attempting to take over the cockpit. Front Sight produced television and radio commercials that aired from Las Vegas to Washington DC and Front Sight hired a Washington DC lobbyist to assist the pilots in getting armed.

Now that President Bush has signed the bill to arm the pilots, Front Sight is shifting its pro-gun, pro-active focus toward you -- the law abiding private citizen as the first line of defense against crime and terrorism--and will train you to levels that exceed the law enforcement community without the boot camp mentality or drill instructor attitudes.

If that isn't enough for you to check out the link to Front Sight's Armed Citizen Corps, then please realize that Front Sight has provided over $500,000 in benefit to pro gun organizations in the last few years and is increasing their efforts in a big way through their Armed Citizen Corps.

Front Sight wants to help JPFO complete our important documentary "Innocents Betrayed", so Front Sight is offering, FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY a $300 donation to JPFO for every person that enrolls in Front Sight's Armed Citizen Corps through this link:

Remember, the donation will be in YOUR name so you'll be listed in the rolling credits at the end of the documentary!

Or, when you enroll in the Armed Citizens Corps, place JPFO next to your name and Front Sight will donate $300 of the tuition to JPFO's documentary "Innocents Betrayed."

If you were already thinking about getting trained at Front Sight, here's a way you can do so while also supporting the documentary film.

The Armed Citizen Corps is a great way to help strengthen America by strengthening the abilities of individuals to defend themselves, their families and their communities. Even the most skilled tactical law enforcement officers continue to train -- and they train at Front Sight. So should we.

Front Sight is creating a national Armed Citizen Corps movement -- a movement we strongly support and encourage.

For more information, click the following website address:

Be sure to send this to any friends and family members you have who are considering self-defense firearms training.

Yours in liberty,

Aaron Zelman

P.S. Training at Front Sight might just make a great holiday gift to yourself and through you to your family, community and nation. Learn more at:

Information about our Innocents Betrayed documentary film project.

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