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December 28, 2002

"Catch This Killer Blooper If You Can" - New Movie Review

Released on December 25, the new Steven Speilberg film, "Catch Me If You Can," intriguingly develops the story of the FBI's years-long chase of a gifted youthful con-artist and forger. Starring Tom Hanks as the lead FBI agent and Leonardo DiCaprio as the under-aged baby-faced crook, "Catch Me" supposedly portrays a true story and delivers good solid entertaninment value.

A big problem is how the film focuses frequently -- and dangerously -- on the handguns that the FBI agents carry. In scene after scene, the camera zooms to a close up on Tom Hanks' character and other FBI agents carrying revolvers with their index fingers wrapped all the way around the triggers, and pointing the loaded guns in any and all directions.

No self-respecting law officer with firearms training -- no civilian with firearms safety awareness -- would carry a firearm in such a patently unsafe way. What's more, FBI street agents are required regularly to maintain firearms proficiency and safety skills. Yet the agents in "Catch Me" are seen waving guns around even amongst themselves and civilians, showing not the least concern for accidental discharge.

It's more than a matter of technical movie-making details. Camera angles in these scenes magnify the gun handling in center screen. Spielberg and Co. must have had access to qualified firearms experts, yet they chose to illustrate -- actually to highlight -- extraordinarily dangerous gun- handling techniques.

Because a film director chooses camera angles deliberately for effect, these scenes showing firearms misuse must have been intentionally planned and selected.

The result is that millions of Americans will get yet another dose of two-pronged propaganda: (1) the idea that people should carry guns with their fingers tight around the trigger, and (2) the myth that peace officers, even FBI agents, are so inept that they handle firearms with such carelessness.

Here's a question: will the "gun control" lobby whip up a campaign against Spielberg and his new flick because it encourages dangerous handgun use? Remember, if just one person dies because of misuse of firearms learned from the movie, then all movies should be banned.

The Liberty Crew

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