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March 5, 2003

A Donor's Generosity Means an Incredible Deal for Shooters

Thanks to the generosity of JPFO Life Member Ronald Weiss, the Liberty Crew is now offering the deal of a lifetime to the first 10 JPFO supporters who jump on it.

Mr. Weiss has donated 10 CERTIFICATES FOR COURSES AT THE FRONT SIGHT FIREARMS TRAINING INSTITUTE in Las Vegas, Nevada. Each certificate has a retail value of $1,200, and entitles the bearer to take either a single four-day or two two-day courses at the famous firearm school. (You and a partner can also use one certificate to enroll together in the same two-day course. See below for the covered courses and terms.)


You get:

Total value: MORE THAN $1,586.90

YOU PAY: $800

Yes, just half price for this terrific package. And it's all made possible by a generous man who stood up to be counted for liberty. Thank you, Ronald Weiss.

$700 of your $800 purchase price will go toward production of "Innocents Betrayed" -- making you one of the courageous folks willing to stand up for the message that guns save lives and that disarmament turns people into helpless victims. $100 of each purchase will go toward JPFO membership dues to help us continue to provide books, articles, publications, alerts, Gran'pa Jack booklets, and other tools to help keep your rights alive.


These 10 certificates -- and all the bonuses -- will go to the first 10 JPFO supporters who step forward to purchase them. When they're gone, they're gone. And at just $800 for a value exceeding $1,586.90, we expect them to go fast.

OPTIONAL DEAL: If you aren't already a JPFO life member and would like to become one, you can add $400 to the $800 purchase price, for a total of $1,200. That's just $1,200 for a package worth more than $1,986.90. (JPFO lifetime membership normally costs $500.) And you'll never have to send in a membership check again.


The Front Sight Firearms Training Institute Course Certificates are good for enrollment in any of the following Front Sight courses:

One person may use a certificate for a four-day course or two two-day courses. Two people may use one certificate to enroll in the same two-day course together.

You must provide your own transportation, lodging, and equipment.

Certificates are transferrable and they have no expiration date. However, they are not refundable and cannot be redeemed for cash. Before purchasing, you should visit Front Sight's Web pages ( and study the course dates and descriptions. Please also view the application form ( to make sure you are eligible to take Front Sight courses and are willing and able to meet their terms of enrollment.

All sales are final, and must be paid in full. Neither JPFO nor Front Sight will provide a refund in the event that you are unable to use the certificate. You may, however, resell your certificate.

We will send certificates and books to the purchasers either by courier or by certified U.S. mail, signature required.

If you've been wanting to take a Front Sight course or to make a major donation to "Innocents Betrayed," this is an unprecedented opportunity to do both. Get a great bargain while supporting liberty in a very important way.

The Liberty Crew


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