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April 3, 2003

Would You Sound The Alarm?

Common Sense

Would You Sound The Alarm?

By Aaron Zelman
Executive Director
Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership

Suppose police state policies were obviously taking root in your country—would you sound the alarm? Or would you delay...

Is there any regret that stings worse than "If only I had said something, done something, to prevent this horror?"

Every person on Earth needs to confront these questions. In the 20th Century, 170 million civilians were murdered by their own governments. These mass murders became possible only after a step-by-step series of laws, attitudes and policies took effect. When the people fail to spot the ominous signs early, then nations descend into socialist drudgery or systematic brutality. Once police state policies take root, it usually takes violence and bloodshed to remove them.

America is steadily becoming less free. For decades, the federal government has steadily increased its direct control over individuals.

Gun owners see this first hand, at both the state and federal level. Buying a gun retail used to be easy; now it often involves detailed paperwork, waiting periods, and monthly purchase limits. Guns and ammo that were legal are now banned. The FBI and BATF maintain national databases of gun owners. Concealed-carry permits are available, but only after a criminal investigation, fingerprinting, mandatory training, etc. Federal felony prosecutions await paperwork violators, and those who accidentally have a gun in the wrong place. Next they'll close the gun shows.

The current Administration has done nothing to roll back the unconstitutional gun laws, the monstrous welfare state, or the private property confiscations. Instead, we are seeing more surveillance, broader federal police powers, and huge databases to track citizens.

So: Is America Becoming A Police State?

Can You See The Signs?

The September 11, 2001 terrorist attack and war in Iraq have distracted many Americans from their on-going duty to scrutinize government actions. News about those huge events has glutted the media and captured most commentators.

Our new booklet comes at a critical time. It's called Is America Becoming A Police State?

Governments always gain power during times of crisis. This new booklet stands up against the stampede to say: STOP! Our Constitution remains the law, even in wartime. Our Bill of Rights applies every day in every year, regardless of worries or wars.

Imagine the sick irony if our military men and women overseas return to a nation less free than when they left. How will we benefit if we liberate Iraq but gut the principles of liberty in our own land?

This new booklet helps keep the home fires of freedom burning. It sounds the alarm about police state ideas and policies that threaten to bury our way of life, such as how:

Ever had the nagging feeling that there was something wrong with a new proposal, law, or policy ... that it strikes you as fundamentally wrong but you can't exactly say why? Chances are that you were sensing a loss of liberty. The government schools never teach people how to evaluate a law to see whether it destroys liberty.

In just 24 easy-reading pages, this new booklet does that job. Using the illustrated-style format and the light touch of humor, Is America Becoming A Police State? rapidly brings people up to speed. Its message can open eyes to see the signs of an oncoming police state.

Perfect for readers ages 12 to 92, this new booklet provides key points from our latest book, The State vs. The People, which delivers the facts you need to understand—and to effectively fight against—police state policies in America or elsewhere in the world.

Ring the Liberty Bell!

Wake up fellow Americans by handing out this booklet (while it is still legal). Buy a bundle of 50 booklets ($20), and get The State vs. The People ($19.95) for only $9.95 more. Buy a bundle of 100 booklets ($38), and get that powerful 517-page book for only $4.95 more. All prices include postage.

You can make a difference by distributing just 50 or 100 of these booklets. Hand them out at gun club meetings or gun shows. Help return America to a Bill of Rights culture—and drive away a police state.

To order this new Gran'pa Jack booklet (#8 in the series), or any of our other pro-freedom, pro-gun products, just call JPFO at (800) 869-1884 or click on Get our e-mail Alerts free. Join JPFO—still only $20 annual dues— and you don't have to be Jewish to join!

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