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April 12, 2003

What Kind of Nation Will Our Troops Return Home To?

Our soldiers are on the cusp of victory in Iraq. One of the world's evil dictators is on the run, and might even be dead. Iraqis finally have a chance at freedom -- if they can seize the opportunity.

But what kind of country will our men and women return home to?

(See the links below for more on all these stories.)

Or will it be a country busily restoring its own freedom?

It's Americans' choice. We will be free only if we UNDERSTAND the root principles that separate freedom from tyranny and if we ACT to educate others about the fundamentals of liberty.

We can't rely on groups like the ACLU to protect our rights. The ACLU is AWOL on crucial issues. The mainstream media is AWOL on nearly every issue of importance. And NO organization, no matter how well-funded or well-meaning, is good enough to fight the fight alone.

We Need Gran'pa Jack and YOU

A short while ago, we sent JPFO members a free copy of our latest Gran'pa Jack booklet. Gran'pa Jack #8 asks -- and answers -- the question, "Is America becoming a police state?"

The Liberty Crew now asks you: "What are you going to do with this information?" What are you personally going to do to keep your privacy, your freedom, your firearms, and your other rights?

Please read that Gran'pa Jack booklet now, if you haven't already. Then send in $3.00 to get another one for your best friend. Or buy 50 copies for $20.00 --or 100 copies for just $38.00 and distribute them to everybody you know. (When you buy 50, you can get the companion book The State vs. the People for just $9.95 more -- a savings of 50 percent. Buy 100 copies of Gran'pa Jack #8 and get The State vs. the People for only $5.95.) These prices include postage.

The big, powerful, well-funded institutions aren't going to get the word out about freedom. Most of them don't WANT this information to get out. It's up to you and Gran'pa Jack to keep the Bill of Rights and your freedoms alive.

The Liberty Crew


More on Gran'pa Jack #8:

The Bill of Rights in Arabic! (And 10 other languages -- send to all your international friends): http://www.jpfo.og/bor.htm

The Mike Hawash case:

Making the Patriot Act permanent:

Patriot Act II and further erosion of rights:

Bush Betrays the Second Amendment and Backs Renewal of Assault Weapons Ban:

The State vs. the People by Claire Wolfe and Aaron Zelman:

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