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May 15, 2003

Security Execs Fear Police State;
Another School Girl Persecuted


Disturbing new poll data may jostle those Americans who are slumbering comfortably believing that "a police state can't happen here."  

According to a report released by CSO (Chief Security Officer) Magazine on Monday, May 12, 2003:

"When considering the impacts of Patriot Acts I and II, nearly a third of respondents (31 percent) say the United States is in jeopardy of becoming a police state. Thirty-six percent (36 percent) do not believe the Bush administration's goal to change Saddam Hussein's regime in Iraq will ultimately improve national security at home. And 41 percent of CSOs do not believe the terror-threat information provided by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security is timely and accurate."

Read that first sentence again: 31% of American CSO's and security executives polled believe the US is in jeopardy of becoming a police state.

Is that poll data valid?  We cannot personally verify it because we don't have the source data.  The magazine, however, thought enough of it to publish it.

But suppose that poll result is wrong by a factor of 50% too high—then perhaps 15%, or 1 in 6, of the security executives fear a looming police state.  That's still a percentage far above the statistical noise level.

These substantial numbers tell us one thing:  we are not alone when we spot police state polices and sound the alarm.  Other people, far outside of the ranks of JPFO, see the same problems and worry about the same potential future.


Meanwhile, police state policies roam unchecked in Tempe, Arizona.  As reported in the Scottsdale Tribune on May 13, 2003, authorities at Connolly Middle School suspended a 12- year-old girl for a month (reduced later to 12 days), for bringing a small pocketknife to a teacher 30 minutes after she discovered the little tool in her backpack.  

The Connolly Middle School principal reportedly confined the young girl for hours, and questioned her severely without letting her call parents, get a drink of water or go to the bathroom.  Apparently the principal wanted her to admit that she intentionally brought the knife to school.

The girl, a student body leader, received the harsh penalty because she failed to turn in the little knife "immediately." Her 30-minute delay invoked the "zero tolerance" rules against prohibited weapons.

The Tribune's May 14 editorial decried this police state insanity perpetrated by the "little tin gods" of American government schools.  The editorial warned about the lesson that such zero tolerance lunacy is teaching:

"[S]chool administrators eager to 'send the right message' with zero-tolerance zealotry must realize they are in fact sending a most invidious one: that adults in authority are hysterical tyrants [whom] kids trust at their peril."


To get fully informed about police states, their policies and the operation of government schools, order and read The State vs. The People.  (See pages 1-64)

Get the facts about police state policies in the short illustrated booklet format. Order, read and use our newest booklet: "Is America Becoming A Police State?"

To learn more about how "zero tolerance" policies brainwash children and adults to accept their condition of powerlessness, order and read Death By "Gun Control".  (See pages 9-21, 115-119, 281-285)

The Liberty Crew


(1) CSO poll: (559 security executives were polled on-line; margin of error 4%)

(2) Zero Tolerance story in Scottsdale Tribune: (Editorial) "Girl's 'zero-tolerance' ordeal at school was official excess,"

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