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July 14, 2003

Last Chance To Join Producers' Circle
Message from Aaron Zelman

We're so excited to announce that our made-for-TV documentary film, Innocents Betrayed, is in the last stages of post-production. Nearly all of the video work is complete, and we're just finalizing the audio tracks.

That means we're ready to finalize the on-screen closing Credits.

So, if you want yourself or your business listed in those Credits, this is the last opportunity to join the Producers' Circle.

It's $250 for individuals, $1,000 for organizations or corporations.

Click on:


Producers' Circle members also get copies of our latest full length books, State vs. The People and Death by "Gun Control," as well as a copy of the finished film.

Get details by clicking on:

For folks who want to help but find the Producers' Circle out of their reach, we still offer other donation levels with special premiums going to the donors. Click on:

And every donor supporter—who automatically becomes a member of The 900 Club—gets a bright lapel pin bearing the film box cover art work! Check out the cover art at:

What is The 900 Club? It's the special group of approximately 900 individuals and organizations, out of the 80 million gun owners, who actually got busy and supported this totally unique project.

The lapel pin will also bear the inscription: "Donor."

Just as was true in the American Revolution, and in the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising—and in nearly every other fight to defend freedom—a relatively small minority did most of the real working and fighting. People who donated $20 or more to produce Innocents Betrayed deserve the special honor of wearing the lapel pin. They are the people who, when this opportunity arose to really fight back, actually stood up to help.

So—whether you'd like to join the Producers' Circle, or receive premium gifts, or simply join The 900 Club with a modest $20 (or more) donation and get the lapel pin—now is the last time.

Any questions? Click on the web addresses in this Alert, or call us at (800) 869-1884, (800) 869-1884 or FAX (425) 451-3959.

Yours in liberty,

Aaron Zelman
Executive Director, JPFO
Executive Producer, Innocents Betrayed

P.S. Our production plans are on a tight schedule. The July 21 deadline is firm. Don't lose the chance to be part of history.

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