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January 14, 2004

A Perfect Example of the Victim-Disarming Mindset

Do you remember Philip Luty? We do. In 1999 JPFO e-mailed an alert about this self-defense supporter's desperate plight. Our alert began like this:

ALERT: Help A Political Prisoner Who Opposed "Gun Control" in England

If you are reading this alert, then you can help a man imprisoned because he dared to publish and prove that "gun control" laws cannot work. Here is your chance to stand up for principle—and it will cost you almost nothing.

Philip Luty, an Englishman, was appalled at the British government's response to a lone criminal's killing spree in Dunblane. Because the criminal used a firearm to kill several people, the government took that opportunity to outlaw all handguns and privately owned long guns. That's right—the British government outlawed all handguns and most long guns (except for those held by police and military personnel).

Philip Luty was opposed to gun prohibition. Philip also was fairly handy with the tools in his workshop. To prove that outlawing firearms cannot stop people (especially dedicated criminals) from getting firearms, Philip set out to build a home-made machine gun. He built the gun using common tools and readily available materials. He tested it safely and never intended to harm anyone. ...

Philip had no prior criminal record. The judge acknowledged that Philip had no evil or criminal intent, that he had made the gun as an act of protest. Even the arresting detective was willing to speak on Philip's behalf. To set an example to all would-be protesters, the judge sentenced Philip Luty to 4 years in prison this past Spring. Philip's attorneys appealed, but lost.

(You can read the rest of this 1999 alert here:

Mr. Luty may be a free man again, but his life will never be the same. While in prison, he suffered many kinds of anguish, including the loss of his mother, with whom he was very close. (And of course, "free" is a relative term. Are any of us free, as long as we're not allowed the tools we need to defend our lives?)

Last week, a supporter e-mailed JPFO this URL:

Follow that link and you'll find the text of a 2000 British Parole Board Report, denying Mr. Luty probation. Even though this document is now four years old, we thought it was such a stunning—yet typical—example of the gun-prohibitionist mindset that every self-defense advocate should see it.

Here's one of several passages explaining the reasons for keeping Luty in prison:

"... there is little evidence to indicate that Mr.Luty has fully addressed the causes and consequences of the offences ... and although he states he accepts responsibility, still describes the crimes as "an innocent project". Mr. Luty continues to maintain very strong views about UK gun laws to which he is opposed. Report writers identify considerable apprehension over his lack of insight and concern over the wider implications of his offences and his continuing views over gun ownership and use."

What consequences? There were none, except to Philip Luty himself. As this and other passages in the report make painfully clear, Luty was being denied parole in 2000 not because he was dangerous to anyone—but simply because of his political convictions.

And that's not all. Look at what the British Parole Board identifies as one of its key reasons for not releasing their political prisoner:

"... of special concern , I understand Mr. Luty's brother attempted to send him an article from the internet by an organization called "Jews for the preservation of firearms ownership" (JPFO). This appears to be yet another 'Right to keep and bear arms' group."

The mere fact that someone tried (and evidently failed) to get a JPFO article to Mr. Luty was used as a major reason for keeping him in prison! What article was it? We're not sure. But we do know that no JPFO article ever written is "dangerous"—except to tyrants, victim-disarmers, those who hate self-defense, and those who hate the free flow of ideas.

It doesn't matter that this British document is four years old. The attitude it represents is timeless. It's the attitude of those who wish to control others utterly and completely. Not just to control their bodies by keeping them in prison or making them helpless as they walk the streets. But to control their minds.

Remember that fact—always. It's not just our firearms we need to preserve against tyranny. Above all, it's our free minds tyrants most fear and hate—and our free minds that are our greatest weapon against injustice.

The Liberty Crew

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