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February 19, 2004

Jews Should Develop a "Passion" for Self-Defense

In a few days, Mel Gibson's movie, The Passion of the Christ, will be released. Everybody will finally get to see what all the controversy has been about.

Is this movie anti-Semitic, as so many prominent Jewish "leaders" have claimed? We'll have to wait and see. But one thing we know: Every viewer will bring his or her own perspective to the theater. Most will probably view The Passion as nothing but another Hollywood movie, good or bad. Others may leave the theater with renewed faith. A few may walk out with revulsion for all religions.

And those who are looking for an excuse to hate Jews will find one—whether or not Mel Gibson and his production crew put any anti-Semitic message into their film.

People who are pre-disposed to hate Jews will find excuses for their rage wherever they look—because the rage is already within them. Only a twisted mind could hold any living Jew or Italian (Roman) responsible today for something that some Jews or Romans did 2,000 years ago. Such warped minds will not be swayed by facts or logic. Neither Gibson nor anyone else could be held responsible for the thoughts or actions of such fools.

Anti-Semitism is Real, but the Movie isn't the Point

No matter what this film does or doesn't do, anti-Semitism is on the rise, worldwide. In a frenzy of lethal loathing not seen since Hitler's Germany, literally millions of people are just looking for excuses to destroy Jews and Judaism.

The media is finally noticing this potential Holocaust in the making. (See this article in FrontPage magazine for a thoughtful example:

But once again, so-called Jewish leaders are merely wringing their hands in fear and despair. With a whole world of Muslim fundamentalists believing Allah demands a 21st-century Final Solution, prominent American Jewish leaders are kvetching about one little Hollywood movie. (And in so doing, they're giving Mr. Gibson's self-proclaimed "career-killing film" a huge box-office boost. For that matter, could all this drama on the part of Jewish "leaders" really be a disgusting effort to use hysteria to raise funds for their organizations?)

These "leaders" are missing the forest for the trees. And just as bad, they're gravely insulting millions of Christians. Their shrieks of indignation often make it sound as if they believe that every Christian who sees this film is going to rush out of the theater and start bashing and beating Jews.

Nonsense! As JPFO has said repeatedly, the Christians of America are some of the best friends the Jews have ever had. No mere movie is going to change that. But these Jewish "leaders" themselves are doing a good job of alienating Christians by implying that masses of Christians are closet anti-Semites, just waiting for Hollywood to trigger their bigotry.

There is not a single, respectable Christian denomination—liberal or conservative—that holds descendants morally responsible for the acts of their ancestors 2,000 years ago.

So when you hear the exaggerated claims some people are making about this movie, you have to wonder about the speakers' motives. They claim that Gibson's movie "blames the Jews." Then they turn around and blame Christians for something Christians haven't done yet and show no real sign of doing. Who is showing hatred here?

The Liberty Crew has a suggestion for those Jewish "leaders." And for all Jews who are so foolish as to be more concerned about a celluloid threat in their neighborhood theaters than a real threat on their doorsteps. Our suggestion is this:

Get a "Passion" for Self-Defense

Cut the hand-wringing. Stop the cringing. Cease with all the accusations against a Catholic film director and an innocent, multi-denominational Christian audience.

If anti-Semitism is a problem—and it most emphatically is—change your mindset and prepare to defend against the real threat of violence. Don't just stand there ranting about a movie. Don't just stand there bemoaning even the hatred that's poised to sweep away you, your children, your sacred books, your community, your future.

Do something to stop to the very real violence against Jews.

Put the real anti-Semites on notice that Jews fight back. Jews won't just take it next time somebody tries to load the boxcars or drop the gas canisters. We won't even take it next time somebody wants to trash a synagogue or beat up a rabbinical student.

Instead, we'll be there armed—both with firearms and determination—to make sure that we Jews and all the values we stand for remain strong and free for many thousand more years.

The real, violently aggressive anti-Semites aren't the slightest bit moved when we complain about what helpless victims we Jews are. They'll understand us much better when they look down the barrel of our guns.

To Help Prepare Yourself, Read:

"The Beast Reawakens: A Personal Challenge to All Jews to Defend Themselves"

"Do Jewish 'Leaders' Want Us All to be Victims?"

Other articles on Jews and "Gun Control"

And above all, view the gut-wrenching video documentary, Innocents Betrayed ( that shows in undeniable terms that victim disarmament helps enable mass slaughter of the helpless.

The Liberty Crew

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