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April 7, 2004

Fight Fire With Fire:
You Can Stamp Out Hollywood Hypocrisy

"... [T]he fact so many people in the United States carry guns .... obviously contributes greatly to the crime problems we have. I'm sure gun laws should be strengthened in the United States."
—Harrison Ford (aka "Han Solo, " "Indiana Jones" and "Jack Ryan"), August 8, 2003

Not long ago, the Liberty Crew asked you to contact four Hollywood celebrities to try to change their minds about "gun control." ( That campaign goes on, and in the future we plan to add more stars, complete with their contact information. If you haven't contacted those stars, please do it now!

But we can do more than simply ask stars to face the truth. We can hit Hollywood "gun controllers" where it hurts—at the box office.

Many of us have a love-hate relationship with Hollywood.


There's really only one thing most of these Hollywood hypocrites care about, and that's money. When a film doesn't ring the cash resister, everybody in the movie business runs like heck. They run away from that film and it's actors, director, and producers as if they have leprosy.

If anti-gun films and anti-gun stars flop at the box office, that'll provide one quick cure for Hollywood hypocrisy.

We're not asking you to boycott every anti-gun film or filmmaker—yet. A boycott can help—particularly a highly targeted boycott of one specific film or filmmaker. But the numbers of people who are willing to give up most Hollywood entertainment just because most filmmakers hate self-defense are too small to have an impact.

No, we've got a more long-term solution. It's one you've heard from us before: PLAY THE TAPE.

The documentary, Innocents Betrayed may not have a multi- million dollar budget or famous names in its credits. But it has something Hollywood "gun control" films don't have—the truth. Facts. Facts that make it clear that guns save lives—and that "gun control" kills.

And Innocents Betrayed (just like a lot of Hollywood films) has an immediate emotional impact. It doesn't require anybody to go out and get an education. It just goes straight to the heart. But this time, the heart cries, "Protect the innocent!" rather than the old Hollywood message of "Disarm the innocent!"

In our "Reach the Stars" campaign, we asked you to ask Hollywood folks to watch and learn from Innocents Betrayed. Now, we ask you to get Hollywood FANS - and other ordinary people—to do the same.

PLAY THE TAPE. Show it to enough people. Get tens of thousands of copies of Innocents Betrayed into circulation. Spread the message (and the film) around to thousands, then millions, of ordinary Americans. Spread the message to people who've never thought about the issues. Spread it to people who've unthinkingly adopted the Michael Moore or Michael Douglas or Harrison Ford view of "gun control."

If we all do that, pretty soon, Hollywood anti-gun films like Bowling for Columbine and Runaway Jury will go down the tubes. Their studios will lose money. Their producers will lose their clout. And victim-disarming actors will end up getting bit parts in "B" films. Pretty soon, stars and directors will realize that telling the same old lies is emptying their bank accounts and turning their reputations to poison.

Eventually, Hollywood will start making movies that spread the "guns save lives" message to even more millions of people. And individual stars will suddenly get a clue.

At the moment that happens, not only is Hollywood hypocrisy dead—but the victim disarmament movement in America is mortally wounded because the people have stopped supporting it, stopped being fooled by it, stopped paying for it.


Start Hollywood on the path to honesty. Get your copy of Innocents Betrayed now. Get an extra for a friend or relative. Spread the word. (

"I saw Innocents Betrayed last night. I thought it was terrific. You did a great job directing it. Congratulations! Now, if we could only find a way to get everybody to see it, so people could learn to stand up for themselves instead of being subjects to the state. All my best to you. Be proud of this accomplishment. Your friend in freedom forever,"
Aaron Russo
Producer of Trading Places, The Rose, and Mad as Hell
Libertarian candidate for president, 2004

When the National Rifle Association compiled a list of anti-gun celebrities, that list included Alec Baldwin, Drew Barrymore, Kevin Bacon, David Arquette, George Clooney, Billy Crystal, David Duchovny, Michael Douglas, Michael Gross, Anne Heche, Diane Keaton, Dustin Hoffman, Bette Midler, Mary Tyler Moore, Mike Myers, Sarah Jessica Parker, director Rob Reiner, Julia Roberts, Tim Robbins, Meg Ryan, Susan Sarandon, Jerry Seinfeld, Sigourney Weaver, Oprah Winfrey, and Catherine Zeta-Jones.

And that's just a tiny, tiny portion of the list! (

The Liberty Crew

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