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July 15, 2004

ADL Lists Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot as an "Extremist" Event
Well, they've done it again. The Anti-Defamation League (the organization that practically predicted pogroms in Pittsburgh on the release of the movie "The Passion") has listed the famous Knob Creek, Kentucky, machine gun shoot as an "extremist event."

Fortunately, JPFO supporter Rob Walker (who attends the shoot as a representative of his employer) spotted this outrage and sent an articulate letter to the head of the ADL. We'll have to see if the ADL has enough integrity to remove the Knob Creek shoot from its list of anti-Semites, white supremacists, and cross-burners.

Rob has given us permission to share his letter. We've printed it in full below.

Well done, Rob. Maybe if the Anti-Defamation League heard the facts on guns and freedom from more people like you, they wouldn't be so quick to defame honest, decent Americans. Should you wish to send your own protest letter to Mr. Foxman, his address is:

    Abraham Foxman
    Anti-Defamation League
    823 United Nations Plaza
    New York, NY 10017

Now, here's Rob's letter:

    Abraham Foxman,

    There is a mistake on the Archive of Extremist Events. The Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot (Kentucky Friday, April 11, 2003 - Sunday, April 13, 2003) is not an extremist event. You have this listed as a "Machine gun festival that is accompanied by a militia encampment." As there is a multitude of machine gun festivals each year that do not appear there, I can only assume that the "militia encampment" is the factor that qualifies this event for the Archive. The people you are referring to are collectors of military vehicles; some are government employees at the Fort Knox Patton Museum. These gentlemen are dressed in period military clothing to complement their individual vehicles. They set up a small camp with military tents and paraphernalia and spend a weekend as a living-educational historic display. People are encouraged to inquire, inspect, touch and take pictures. Both attendees of this event and the men you refer to as "militia" are from diverse ethnic backgrounds.

    If there is a militia encampment in the area of this show it is completely unrelated and not on the same property. In fact, the management of the event warmly encouraged the showing of the documentary "Innocents Betrayed," a film produced by Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, JPFO. This film catalogs how, through hate and disarming the populace, brutal world leaders murdered 170,000,000 innocents. The management of the Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot has ensured me that the only agenda promoted is love of the United States of America and the Second Amendment to the Constitution.

    I have attended this event 9 consecutive times, it's part of my job, and I have never witnessed an occurrence that would lead me to associate this event with the ones contained in your Archive. I deplore the values of the groups and individuals that make up the Archive of Extremist Events with this single exception. I ask you to remove the Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot from the Archive of Extremist Events.

    Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

    Rob Walker
    Account Executive

    cc:Robert Hunnicutt
    Primedia Outdoor Group
    PSIP/Peoria, IL

    Primedia Legal Department
    745 Fifth Avenue
    New York, NY 10151

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