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July 26, 2004

Reach the Stars -- Again:
Tell Hollywood to Stop Supporting Genocidal Policies

A few months ago, we announced our first Reach the Stars campaign. You responded by asking four Hollywood celebritiesto give up their deadly "gun control" views.

Now that they're feeling the heat, it's time to hit fourmore stars with the message that guns save lives. Go to and meet four additionalHollywood figures who all want to destroy your right todefend yourself.

This time around, we feature two famous women and two men.Two are notorious, long-time gun-prohibitionists. Anotheronce used a shotgun to defend herself against an intruder -but now she thinks you should wait for the police to saveyour life. The fourth attacked Charlton Heston for believingin the Second Amendment - but boy oh boy, when he thoughthis own life was on the line, he was quick to pack heat!

These starry-eyed stars want innocents everywhere to tremblehelplessly before criminals and criminal governments. What'sworse from JPFO's perspective is that two of these leadinglights of "gun control" are Jewish and one is married to aJew. You'd think they'd be capable of looking at history andseeing what disarmament did to their own relatives. But no.They won't think on their own ... So time for us to helptheir minds work a little better.

You can change their minds

Go to JPFO's Web site using the above link, There you'llfind more information about these four new celebrities' andtheir victim-disarming views. You'll also find contactinformation and a sample letter.

Send those celebrities a piece of your mind. Tell them thepolicies they advocate help make genocide possible. No,don't tell them - show them.

JPFO supporters already know from experience that thedocumentary film _Innocents Betrayed_ can turn victimdisarmers into self-defense supporters in a single viewing.That's great when a friend or relative changes his mind. Sojust think how much more powerful it would be if one ofthese famous folk changed their minds! They have the powerto influence millions of others.

Change a few million minds - and you've changed the cultureand ended the genocidal threat of "gun control."

All these celebrities need to do is SEE THE FILM. If theysee the film and they're honest, the change begins rightthen.

Start Hollywood on the path to honesty. Tell the stars touse their eyes and open their minds. Tell them to watch_Innocents Betrayed_. Spread the word. Get your friends towrite to their favorite stars and tell those stars to stopsupporting genocical policies.

    "Innocents Betrayed has an important message for America.It shows why gun control must always be rejected, and itshows it very convincingly."
    Rep. Ron Paul
    U.S. Congressman
Here's a partial list of anti-self-defense celebrities:

When the National Rifle Association compiled a list of anti-gun celebrities, that list included Alec Baldwin, DrewBarrymore, Kevin Bacon, David Arquette, George Clooney,Billy Crystal, David Duchovny, Michael Douglas, MichaelGross, Anne Heche, Diane Keaton, Dustin Hoffman, BetteMidler, Mary Tyler Moore, Mike Myers, Sarah Jessica Parker,director Rob Reiner, Julia Roberts, Tim Robbins, Meg Ryan,Susan Sarandon, Jerry Seinfeld, Sigourney Weaver, OprahWinfrey, and Catherine Zeta-Jones.

And that's just a tiny, tiny portion of the celebrity anti-gun list!

      The Liberty Crew

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