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May 13, 2005

JPFO ALERT: Build Your Own Gun, Save 10%!


Richard Patrick Celata is an old-fashioned Yankee toolmaker who came into his profession the old-fashioned way: as an apprentice under his father. A resident of Massachusetts, he watched the erosion of the Bill of Rights and decided to do something about it. Specifically, he decided to devote his skills to guarantee the continuation of the Second Amendment.

Through his company KT Ordnance, Celata now produces incomplete (80% finished) frames made according to the highest standards of repeatable CNC precision. Not only are these frames built according to the numbers,but they are easy for the average person to finish.

These frames are non-firearms; they are completely legal to own and build, and anonymous as well (form 4473 need not be filed). For regulations and more information about these products, please visit their web page at or call (406) 834-3611 between 8am and 4pm MST.

As a special bonus to JPFO supporters, KT Ordnance will give you 10% off AR-15 receivers and 1911'S - just mention JPFO when you order.* You don't even have to be a JPFO member!

As reported in our May 11 alert, the federal government is sending up a red flag with the advent of a national ID card. Obtaining and keeping firearms is going to become very difficult, and even more so when your firearms are registered or otherwise papered. Building your own is an easy way to avoid these pitfalls, and federal law says it's legal.

The days are numbered for gun ownership in America; now is the time to learn to produce your own!


The Liberty Crew

* Special note: JPFO is not in the firearms business, nor do we receive any compensation from KT Ordnance for sales, referrals, or anything else. Customers must deal directly with KT Ordnance for all aspects of their purchase! Please visit for more information.

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