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June 30, 2005

The Great Destroyer
...and one simple, fun, free way to declare your independence

What is the worst destroyer of freedom today?

It isn't terrorists. It isn't drug dealers. It isn't street criminals or white-collar fraudsters. It isn't any of the scary forces featured in the daily headlines.

Most of us probably have an idea what the greatest destroyer is -- though we don't like to think about it:


The great destroyer is too much law controlling too many activities -- laws badly written, hastily passed, savagely enforced.

The great destroyer takes many forms.

* It might be a proposed "anti-gang" bill so badly written it could put innocent families in prison for life (

* It might be national ID sneaking into our wallets via federal control of our drivers license (

* It might be vicious persecutions of sick people (

* It might be black-robed lawyers decreeing that governments have legal authority to steal your house and give it to somebody richer and better connected (

But the bottom line remains: IT'S THE LAW. Nothing is destroying freedom more greedily.

Independence Day is coming up. But we can't claim to be independent as long as we're so increasingly controlled.


We need to make more people aware of the real danger that threatens them. We need to wake up our friends and neighbors. But many of them don't want to be awakened; they merely want to be entertained.

So we'll do that, too. We'll wake them up with entertainment -- with a rock song that'll stay in their minds and remind them over and over again.

Go here: Download the RebelFire song "Justice Day." There's a classic rock version for traditionalists, and a hardcore metal version for those who like their music raw and powerful. For those who can't download a large music file, scroll down and you'll find written lyrics.

All versions of "Justice Day" are free to download, free to spread around -- and that's what we encourage you to do. Spread the grassroots brushfire. It's easy -- no real work on your part; just sharing and recommending a song.


With the Independence Day weekend coming up, you have LOTS of interesting, fun, natural ways to use this song.

* Play it on your MP3 player at family picnics

* Burn it to CD and play it in your car as you go to and from events

* Make it your the musical accompaniment to your home fireworks displays

* Upload it to filesharing sites

* Add it to your regular song playlists and listen to it often -- any time of year.

"Justice Day" comes from the exciting new novel _RebelFire: Out of the Gray Zone_ ( This story of one boy's struggle against a world of surveillance and control is creating quite a lot of buzz. Buy the book and you won't regret it. It comes with a CD containing both versions of "Justice Day."

But even if you can't or don't want to buy the book ... the song is free. The song is powerful. The song is easy for you to spread around. The song will get people thinking. And that's what it takes to change the world.

The Liberty Crew

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Regain your freedom - download the song "Justice Day" today!

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