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July 2, 2005

Breaking News --
Zimbabwe Gun Confiscation Ordered!

What more proof do you need?

So-called sensible gun laws, such as national registration of firearms and licensing of owners, pave the way for gun confiscation. We've said it for over 15 years.

We described the process in detail in Death by "Gun Control" (book) and "Innocents Betrayed" (video). We provided copies of the key provisions of the laws that set up "gun control" that later enabled genocide. In our book we even provided copies of the provisions of the gun laws in Zimbabwe. (See pages 190-193).

Breaking News -- July 2, 2005: The Zimbabwe government has ordered confiscation of civilian firearms.

Read the news item:

The news report begins:

"Zimbabwe police have ordered all civilians to surrender firearms in what insiders said was a precautionary measure in a charged country after the government demolished thousands of homes and informal businesses in a controversial urban clean-up exercise.

"Police at the weekend said they were revoking licences for all automatic rifles and some types of pistols and said civilians owning such weapons had until today to surrender them.

"The law enforcement agency did not give reasons for the action but warned Zimbabweans that they could be prosecuted for failing to hand in their guns."

This is no trivial matter. On June 7, 2005, the International Association of Genocide Scholars published a warning about the looming danger of mass murder by government in Zimbabwe.

Read the scholars' declaration:

Notice that the genocide scholars do see the danger -- but they fail to point out that "gun control" with follow-up gun confiscation are two key elements to making the Zimbabwe persecution and genocide possible. The scholars calmly call for various international agencies to "exert diplomatic pressure" on Zimbabwe.

If the Rwanda genocide provides any example, then hoping for international help for persecuted Zimbabweans is beyond foolish, it's fatally stupid.

People who want to protect their lives and their families and their communities must commit to taking care of the job themselves. Civilian disarmament laws work against people protecting themselves and their families. Those laws (when obeyed) leave the disarmed people subject to persecution and destruction.

The genocide scholars don't get it. The civilian disarmament ("gun control") advocates and lobbyists don't get it.

What will it take for American gun owners and pro-rights citizens to unify against "gun control" and proclaim the vicious injustice that "gun control" laws impose upon innocent people?

Action items: read these articles (above) and forward this Alert to every gun owner you know.

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The Liberty Crew

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