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March 15, 2006

"If You Have Nothing to Hide..."

"If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear." How often have those words been spoken by supporters of the growing surveillance state? As each of our rights are systematically violated or legislated out of existence, we're reassured that it will only affect terrorists, murderers and other criminal types.


The news is rife with reports of innocent Americans caught in the "war on terror."

- Innocent Americans -- including small children -- are refused the right to travel due to the "no-fly" list...which they are never allowed to see.

- The Patriot Act was used in Las Vegas, Nevada to "sting" exotic dancers (one wonders how the Patriot Act applies to exotic dancers -- perhaps prosecutors believed they were part of a terrorist's harem?)

- And over the past two years, the BATFE ran a sting operation against Arizona's Hells Angels Motorcycle Club, claiming the Hells Angels "participated in drug violations, gun running, murder, racketeering and other crimes."

According to the _Arizona Republic_ ( ), the Arizona crackdown was part of a national Hells Angels sweep led by ATF agents attempting to prove the club was a "criminal syndicate". As is often the case with BATFE investigations, the agency relied on dubious informants and intimidation techniques in an effort to elicit plea bargains.

The end result of this investigation -- reportedly costing millions of YOUR confiscated tax dollars -- was the arrest of a mere handful of suspects. Despite the BATFE's accusations, NONE were convicted of "racketeering," half plea-bargained to much lesser charges (sentenced to less than 5 years in federal prison), and almost a third were exonerated completely.

Nothing to fear? The Hells Angels are a "fringe" group, with fringe interests, and the US Attorney's office (along with the BATFE) wanted to make an example out of them. Wanna bet that firearm enthusiasts are considered "fringe" as well?

Join JPFO'S "Boot the BATFE" Campaign ( ) and make a stand. We MUST rein in this rogue agency. We MUST defend our rights against an increasingly Orwellian police state. And we MUST bring back a Bill of Rights culture to America.

There are only 275 days until Bill of Rights Day. Let's give it meaning.

- The Liberty Crew

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