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May 26, 2006

Remembering Our Vets

Monday is Memorial Day, which sprang from Pennsylvania women decorating the graves of fallen Civil War soldiers, and was first formally observed in 1868. .

We at JPFO ask that our readers honor the veterans who fought and died for our rights and freedoms by remembering just what those rights and freedoms _are_.

Example: Just this week, the Wall Street Journal reported that the IRS was ordered to repay _millions_ in taxes, penalties, and fees to a small group of mostly airline pilots. Why? In trying to build its case, two IRS attorneys "...cut improper deals with witnesses to sway the case in the government's favor..." In other words, the IRS committed fraud in an effort to convict. Is this what our vets fought to preserve?

This weekend, take just a moment to listen to our "Government, Keep Out" series of speeches at . Read by professional radio personalities, they are a potent mixture of inspiration, passion, and reason. Resonating with hard-core freedom lovers while retaining the power to reach and persuade, "Government Keep Out" plainly speaks the truth.

If you find these speeches as exciting and inspirational as we do, then forward this link to your friends, your family, to any freedom-lover you can think of. Help us spread the word throughout the American consciousness -- we've even included a Podcast to make it easier for you!

Our vets have done their job. Now we must do ours.

- The Liberty Crew

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