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June 23, 2006

The Concealed Carry Trojan Horse /
the Hitler Memorial

Supporter Mark recently sent in a link to this blog entry by Andy Barniskis, in which he makes a very reasoned argument _against_ a national conceal carry law:

We already know that we all have a G-D-given right to defend our lives. We should NEVER trade it for a revocable state-granted _privilege_ or which you must:

- Pay
- Get registered
- Get photographed
- Get fingerprinted
- And are restricted in its use

History has shown repeatedly that government regulation schemes and private gun ownership are not compatible. Do you really want federal agents knowing you are a gun owner?


Earlier this month Ted Junker, a Wisconsin man who claims to be a former Waffen-SS officer, announced that he was planning to build a memorial shrine to Hitler ( ).

Local student groups, including the Campus Organization for Israel, have not only condemned the plan but called for Junker's prosecution. Not for his views, however.

States Jonathan Brostoff,president of COI, "The First Amendment's protection of free speech ensures that Junker can continue his hateful propagandizing, yet it does not protect him from criminal investigation and prosecution relating to potential crimes against humanity committed during his days in the Waffen-SS."

We applaud these students not only for denouncing Junker's plans, but also for their acknowledgement that the First Amendment protects EVERYONE'S right to speak their opinion, even opinions that are ignorant, bigoted, and detestable.

- The Liberty Crew


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