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July 11, 2006

A Critical Weapon

As we continue to fight the encroaching police state, there is one weapon that all too many gun owners and Second Amendment supporters lack in their arsenal: the internet.

Mainstream media is increasingly an unreliable source for information. Distinct political bias, loyalty to corporate sponsors, and hamstringing by government regulation (such as the so-called "Campaign Finance Reform") have all contributed in driving audiences to seek news elsewhere -- specifically on the web.

Alternative news sites such as The Drudge Report, WorldNetDaily, Alternet, and Slate have broken critical stories long before mainstream media picked them up. Online journals or "'blogs" from New Orleans, Iraq, Iran, and other hot-spots have reported news that never even _makes_ mainstream media. And networking via the internet has allowed activists of every stripe to collaborate with people they never would have met offline.

As gun owners and gun-rights activists, we must FULLY make use of this critical weapon.

If you know a gun owner who isn't internet-connected or computer-savvy, make it your job to help him get up to speed. Print out this article and ask him to read it. Then offer to help him get online, either with his own computer or at an internet cafe or public library.

Show him the basics:

- Opening a web browser, and browsing a site
- Going to a specific website (like )
- Searching for information (on Google or Yahoo! for example)
- Using free web-based email, like Hotmail and Yahoo mail

Finally, give him a list of websites that can provide information on critical Second Amendment issues. You can start with our list of links at .

"But I don't _want_ to learn computers!"

Sure, learning something new can be intimidating, but if you _don't_ learn it, you're leaving yourself disarmed in a fight for our basic rights. Our enemies have mastered the art of the internet and are currently using it to slaughter freedom. We need more warriors on our side, striking back with truth, logic, and passion.

If you've ever wanted to do "something" for gun rights but weren't sure what, now's your chance. Help someone get online and get active.

- The Liberty Crew

PS Don't forget to show them information on _The Gang_ at . We're taking our fight against the BATFE to a whole new level ... and we'll need YOUR help to succeed!

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