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October 31, 2006

Costco Gun Ban


We received the following email from a member, who had heard that Costco Wholesale warehouse clubs had banned firearms in their stores. Read the letter, and the response from Costco below. While JPFO agrees that Costco has the right to restrict firearm possession on their premises, we also believe that firearms supporters have the right to protest with their dollars, by not shopping at Costco.

If you're a Costco member and decide to discontinue your membership as a result of this policy, we suggest that you make sure that Costco knows why!

And don't forget to read the new book _Guns in the Workplace_ by Chuck Klein. It's available through Amazon.Com and at booksellers nationwide.

- The Liberty Crew

-----Original Message-----

From: xxxxx
Sent: Friday, October 20, 2006 4:16 PM
To: Investor Relations
Subject: Banning guns

I heard through the grapevine that Costco had banned guns in their stores.

Please confirm or deny the allegation.


-----Costco Response-----

From: Stephanie Bradley []
Sent: Monday, October 30, 2006 12:43 PM
To: Investor Relations
Subject: RE: Banning guns

Dear Mr. xxx,

This email is in response to your October 20, 2006 letter to our Investor Relations department, regarding Costco's "No Firearms" policy at its warehouse stores.

As an initial matter, Costco is not a place of "public accommodation" within the meaning of civil rights laws. The definition of "public accommodation" does not include a bona fide private club or other establishment that is not in fact open to the public. Costco Wholesale is a membership-only warehouse club. It is not open to the general public. It restricts membership to a limited group of qualified individuals who agree to membership conditions. We have the right, and the obligation to our members, to enact and enforce membership rules. The Member Service Employees at the exit doors are obliged to follow these rules. By obtaining a Costco membership card, our members agree to comply with the Membership Rules and the Privileges and Conditions of membership.

Costco does not believe that it is necessary for firearms to be brought into its warehouse stores, except in the case of authorized law enforcement officers. For the protection of all our members and employees, we feel this is a reasonable and prudent precaution to ensure a pleasant shopping experience and safe workplace. Our policy is meant to protect our members and employees in all warehouses around the world. This is not a new policy and we do not customize the policy for each individual city/county/state/country where we do business.The shopping experience is not enhanced by bringing a firearm into our warehouse.

Our primary goal at Costco Wholesale is to keep our members happy.


Stephanie Bradley
Executive Assistant to:
. . Joel Benoliel - SVP-Legal & Administration
. . Paul Latham - VP-Membership, Marketing & Services



I certainly would not join Costco, and told my wife the same thing - she was considering joining. Costco membership dues is $50; perhaps some JPFO members will donate the $50 to JPFO for a campaign against Costco.


Many of Oklahoma's democrats who won office had NRA endorsement. As a Jew, I get sick of hearing the family value bullcrap. Fact is there are a lot of Democrats who want to protect gun ownership - and some that even have families. I am a Reblican who just happens to vote for people not parties. My plan is simple: My guns are not for huntng; they are stricly for shooting targets and killing people. I can can be shot dead, but not likely disarmed before I become a martyr. So the idea is to focus on getting good people - not parties into the catbird seats. I intend to make it through lif without taking a human life, but if I do - it will be one that needed to be taken. A bumper sticker that says "Jesus was a Democrat" should be stuck on every pickup driven by a Jew.


Well do they or do they not allow concealed guns in the stores?

I've never seen any signs and we shop at the Colorado warehouses every week.

I've never seen anything in the membership agreements either, though we signed
those years ago, before concealed carry was even passed here.

And state law says they gotta post signs if they don't want concealed carry.

I did ask at Sam's Club and they apparently have identical policies, but only
if someone asks, and only via email. If they don't post the required signs, I
don't think people can get in legal trouble for it in Colorado.


I have shopped many times at the 2 Costco stores in the St. Louis area. In MO, if a storekeeper does not want to allow guns in his store, a sign to that effect must be posted at the entrance. Ubiquitous as such signs are in the St. Louis area (which is full of gun-banners), I don't remember ever seeing such signs at Costco. Sounds to me like their "one size fits all" policy, which does not take state laws into account, leaves them without a legal leg to stand on in quite a few states, since it seems to mean that they do not comply with local or state laws on the matter.
I am cancelling my membership, anyway, but, admittedly, largely because I have recently moved too far away from any of MO's Costco stores to make it worthwhile.


The following is the e-mail that I sent to Ms. Bradley regarding the no guns policy of Costco:

Dear Ms. Bradley,

While I recognize that you very likely do not have the authority to change the current COSTCO "No Firearms" policy, I thought that you would like to know that here in Plano, TX, there are at least 2 Sam's Club warehouses that do not prohibit lawful possession of a concealed handgun on their premises. Several of my friends are Concealed Handgun Licensees here in the State of Texas. I shall assure that ALL of my correspondents and friends know of this policy so that they can take their business and their dollars to Sam's Club.


Lt Col, USAF (Ret.)


While I have read the costco letter before I came to your sight, my membership application to costco makes no mention of guns and here in Colorado a large sign at the entrance is required to stop cwp holders from entering with their weapons. This has not happened here in Colorado yet.
If it is just mentioned in their membership papers all then can do is take your membership back. Big Deal!



Why don't we call these people what they really believe in :pro-criminal pro-slavery and pro genocide :history attests to this as a fact, that cannot be denied. The criminals have a new parking lot full of unarmed victims all costco customers are easy prey for the picking ,the criminal element thanks costco very much especially at the holiday season . concerned ex-costco customer


As a CWP holder, do as I do! Don' let them know you have one. First of all that is what it is, a concealed weapon.
Why would you want to tell anyone at costco upon entering their store that you are armed. It is consealed, they
have no way of knowing you are armed.

I have been in there stores, and I have not seen any metal detecters nor any one beeing searched. I would rather be charged with a mistermeaner and be armed, than be robbed leaving there store or be assaulted in there parking lot and not be armed. Yes, every one should try to follow Gods Laws and the laws of the land and not break any of them, but this is why he gave us repentance, 7x 70 each day. I beleive God gave us the right to protect ourselves, and I'm sticking to it.

Same as the bank I use, it has a little sign on there door so small most do not even know it is there. I carry there to, but If the bad guy wants to rob the bank, so be it, they are insured. But if he points his gun at me and no one is in the line of fire I am going to shoot first if at all possible.

The gun range I went to in Florida had the little sign on the door, but I carried there also.

Thanks for your time!



Dear Ms. Bradley

My name is [JG] and I have been a police officer for that last 18 years, 9 with the [redacted] Police Department and the last 9 with the[redacted] Police Department. I have been a Costco member since the mid-1980's. My current position is detective as well as a department rangemaster and firearms trainer. I also am responsible for training and certifying the CCW permit holders within my jurisdiction. First off, I understand that the new corporate ban on firearms in your stores does not affect me. However, as a police officer and investigator, I would like to present another down side to this policy.

Recent surveys have shown that about 80% of police officers in California support the right for law abiding citizens to obtain a CCW permit and carry as they see fit within the restrictions of that permit. I for one am not afraid of a good citizens firearm and I know that crime diminishes is areas where there are armed citizens. That is a good thing. I am not a lawyer, but I would presume that Costco has the right to ban firearms in their stores.
The problem is that by doing so you have not stopped CCW holders from carrying their weapons, you have only succeeded in compelling them to leave their guns unattended in their cars out in your parking areas. And for all intents and purposes have advertised this to the criminals who have access to your stores.

Criminals have a knack for finding guns in cars and most experienced criminals can get into a locked car in under 30 seconds. If I were a criminal and I wanted a gun, my first stop would now be the Costco parking lot, where I would know that I could likely obtain a gun and have plenty of time to do it. My next target would be the store, because I would know that it is unlikely that any good guys would be armed inside. I feel that FBI statistics will support a prediction that your new policy will make Costco's patrons and employees less safe and a will serve to make Costco properties a desirable target for criminals.

To use a metaphor, No flock of sheep was ever saved by de-fanging the sheepdog, for it is the sheepdog's fangs that keep the wolves at bay.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Det. [redacted]


As per your article about Costco, I carry a card that I leave at places that do not want my business. It is worded as such, and is a version of one that that an Eastern gun Org. came up with. It is calling card size and printed on both sides, can be made by almost any one with a bit of knowledge about computers and printing. I checked with the club and they said that it was not copyrighted or protected in an way.
I hope you can use it.

I have noticed you're sign, and am going to respect you're wishes by taking my business elsewhere. you have lost my business now and in the future I will also inform my friends of your wishes.

Reverse side
As an Oregon concealed Handgun license Holder. I

- Have no felony convictions (lifetime)
- Have never been convicted of any drug offense
- Have no mental defects or disabilities
- Have passed a criminal history background check

How much do know about your other customers?

Thank you for you time-
I remain yours,



I called Costco and asked them about this and asked what other civil rights we needed to give up to be a "member". Did they plan to next ban black people, Jews, maybe restrict free speech or even start requiring people to wear signs that show their party affiliation?

Call them! Tell them you are thinking of buying memberships for your whole family. then ask about the gun policy and let them know you will go to SAMS and buy the memberships!
Ask them how many criminals their policy will keep out? ZERO, but it will keep lots of honest citizens out.



Dear Ms. Bradley, Mssrs Benoliel and Latham:

I recently received a copy of your letter (below) outlining CostCo's rationale for banning lawfully carried firearms.

Owners of private property can, under the law, institute whatever policies they like, however, I am concerned that this policy may not have been clearly thought out. Specifically, the stated "reasoning"
doesn't make much sense, especially in light of recent school, church, synagogue and other shootings where the perpetrators likely considered these premises to be "defenseless victim zones" because of their "no guns" policies.

Who, exactly, do you think will "obey" your gun ban? Surely you don't believe that someone who has already decided to commit capital murder cares about another misdemeanor for violating your gun ban!
Granted, "the shopping experience" may not be "enhanced by bringing a firearm into [your] warehouse", unless one needs it to prevent some miscreant from killing one's family or making one's wife a widow!
Obviously, law-abiding gun-owners hope never to need a gun for this kind of situation, but, should one arise, it could be their only means of survival.

Surely you understand that your "authorized law enforcement officers"
cannot respond to a 9-1-1 call fast enough to protect anyone, and, according to numerous US Supreme Court decisions, they have "no affirmative duty" to do so, even if they could.

Whether CostCo believes it "necessary for firearms to be brought into its warehouse stores" or not, does not alter the fact that a "no guns"
policy creates a criminal-friendly environment where a predator can commit mayhem with little concern that a lawfully-armed civilian might intervene. By instituting such a policy, and posting "no guns"
signs, you are literally inviting criminals to prey upon your members, and increasing the likelihood that innocents will be killed, maimed or injured in your stores. The world is dangerous enough without advertising where there are large congregations of defenseless victims; and that is what your "no guns" policy does to law-abiding CostCo members!

Regarding your assertion that "Our primary goal at CostCo Wholesale is to keep our members happy" - I respectfully suggest that members who take seriously their obligation and duty to protect themselves and their families by lawfully carrying a firearm will, becasue of this policy, cease to be "happy members" - if they remain members at all!

I am now a former CostCo member, and I will not renew or patronize your stores again until this dangerous policy is abandoned. As there is a nearby Sam's Club (which has no such policy), this is not much of a hardship.



"After a shooting spree, [why do] they always want to take guns away from the people who didn't do it."
William Burroughs, 1992


Dear Stephanie Bradley:

I read your e-mail about guns in Costco. I have never seen
a gun in Costco, and I did not know there was a problem.

In your letter it states that "Our primary goal at Costco
Wholesale is to keep our members happy. "

I had always thought that Costco's goal was to make a profit.
Now that criminals know that Costco is a gun free location,
it sure makes the criminals job easier as the criminals now
know that they can rob Costco with NO risk to themselves.

Perhaps Costco goal should be making shopping at Costco
and pleasant and SAFE experience, while making a profit at
the same time. It has been proven over and over that where
there are no guns, crimes increase and with self defense tools,
crime goes down.

What I am saying is that if you remove the gun ban, and state
that people can carry their private defense tools and that
employees at Costco may be carrying self defense tools then
Costco will be less of a target for criminals.

Has the leadership thought about the lawsuits they may incur
if criminals attack Costco and there is NO way people can fight back.
If Costco has made it an environment safe for criminals, Costco
will be liable for these attacks and may be sued.

I am a Costco member, and it would NOT make me unhappy,
if I saw citizens wearing guns. I would THEN feel safer,
just as if I was carrying a gun, it would make others there
safer because I would be protecting Costco members from

Sincerely, MN


Good morning all,

I've read your justification for banning firearms in your warehouse stores, and I find it offensive and without merit. Forget that you've completely ignored the 2nd Amendment, forget that your policy creates 'defenseless victim' zones similar to our public schools which have proven to be quite attractive targets for our criminal element, and, forget that you seem to have missed the point that it is the individual's responsibility to ensure his or her own safety. Your argument fails on the premise that lawful weapons carry does not enhance the shopping experience. On the contrary, the absence of my personal carry weapon seriously detracts from my 'shopping experience'. Without my weapon I must divert a good deal more of my focus to assessing the degree of risk presented by those around me, identifying which of your inventory items might make suitable self-defense weapons, and remaining aware of how far I will need to run to reach cover when the shooting starts.

When discussing firearms carry, there are only two possible scenarios worthy of consideration - carrying one and not needing it, or not carrying one and wishing you had. The consequences of the first are limited to minor inconvenience, while those of the second are often fatal.

You do not sell anything that is worth that risk.

Please cancel my membership. The number is [redacted]. Please send my refund to [redacted].

Best of Luck,



this is what I emailed Ms Bradley....

Dear Ms Bradley,

Your statement below shows Ignorance and prejudice towards lawful gun owners who want to do nothing more than to be able to protect themselves and possibly fellow shoppers if the need arrises. This kind of policy doesn't protect anyone except the criminal who if he wanted to could just waltz right in and started killing people because you and your company policy basiclly disarmed everyone except the criminal. Are you and your company prepared for a lawsuit if just an occurance happens and are you prepared to deal with your Conscience by allowing your shoppers to be like sheep when the wolf arrives? I hope nothing ever happens but if it does, I hope someone with more intelligence chooses to disregard your dangerous policy and carry concealed so they can put a stop to it before it starts or got worst.

With Regards,



Dear Ms. Bradley,

I recently read your response to another member who inquired about your policy of banning legally carried firearms in Costco stores.

Just to let you know, this policy does not make many of your members "happy," which you state is your goal. I have carried a firearm as a law enforcement officer and under the authority of a Concealed Handgun License. Much of the time, I do not carry a weapon, even though I am authorized to do so. But I am always nervous when I enter places that proclaim weapons are banned. Criminals do not abide by laws, much less membership rules.

In the holiday season of the year which is just around the corner, parking lots are one of the most dangerous places in America. Your policy assures that all the law and rule abiding members who enter or exit your store will be unarmed.

In the past 15 years, we have seen violent crime in the nation plummet. That is in part because of better law enforcement and longer sentences for criminals. However, this decrease in crime has taken place in a period where "shall issue" handgun licenses and permits have become common place. Depending on the state, between two and five percent of the adult population are now licensed to carry. Most carry concealed and you would never know if another person is armed. That's the point. Criminals don't know either. They don't want to take the risk so person on person crime is down. While I don't believe that the carry of firearms is the sole reason for the decrease in this type of crime, enabling law abiding, trained persons to carry weapons certainly has not increase mayhem.

You are certainly empowered by law to discriminate against various types of persons in a private membership club. It's interesting that you seek to highlight such an ability. I chose not to be the target of your discrimination, so Sam's Club will be the receipient of my discount club dollars. Walmart's corporate office has clearly indicated that state law takes precedent in all Walmarts and Sam's Club Stores. They do not exercise their right to discriminate against two to five percent of the population. I will support them.

I would also suggest that you consider that the Mall Association of Texas, after serious legal study, advises their members not to exercise their right to ban legal carry. Their legal advice suggests that those who limit peoples means to exercise their legal abilities to protect themselves assume strict liability for the person's safety. I suggest you make certain that your legal staff is prepared to defend against lawsuits which arise if you provide inadequate protection for your disarmed customers.

A soon to be former member



After reading a letter it appears you sent in response to an inquiry about firearms and your stores, I felt compelled to respond. While you as a private business have every right to make rules you feel appropriate, I have to say your letter sounded petty and clearly biased.

Pt #1: Costco does not believe that it is necessary for firearms to be brought into its warehouse stores, except in the case of authorized law enforcement officers.

Why does Costco believe that it is necessary for law enforcement officers to bring firearms into the store? Do law enforcement officers even need firearms? After all, law enforcement officers bringing firearms into your warehouse does not enhance the shopping experience.

Exactly what does Costco think would happen with concealed carrying members in your warehouse? It would seem to me that these same people manage to shop elsewhere without causing mayhem, destruction, or a general degradation of the “shopping experience”.

Pt #2: For the protection of all our members and employees, we feel this is a reasonable and prudent precaution to ensure a pleasant shopping experience and safe workplace.

From the phrase above I can then assume that when I’m in your warehouse you are responsible for my protection? It appears from your statement that you are guaranteeing my safety and protection while I am on your property. You are after all by your policies saying that I have no need to protect myself so I would consider it safe to assume that you assume that liability during my “shopping experience”. If you could please confirm that it would be great.

It would be an interesting position given that even the police (referred to as “law enforcement officers” in you point 1 above) appear to have no obligation to protect me given the number of court rulings on the matter. Feel free to research the matter for yourself. I think you will find that they do not have an obligation to protect me or you for that matter. (

Given that, I think it’s truly great that Costco is willing to assume the responsibility for protecting me during my “shopping experience”. Exactly how much is Costco willing to pay my children if I were to be killed by a violent criminal while in your warehouse?

Pt #3: Our policy is meant to protect our members and employees in all warehouses around the world. This is not a new policy and we do not customize the policy for each individual city/county/state/country where we do business.

There’s that protection thing again. Golly you guys do take this seriously.

You mention that you do not customize “the” policy for each city/county/state/country where you do business. Either you are referring specifically to the firearms policy or you are lying. It would not be possible to not customize ANY policy by city/county/state/country given the differing laws from place to place. Based on that I will assume “the” policy refers to the firearms policy. Wow! If it’s referred to as “THE” policy at Costco you must hate firearms a lot!

Pt #4: The shopping experience is not enhanced by bringing a firearm into our warehouse.

Nor is the “shopping experience” lessened by a firearm being brought into YOUR warehouse. However my “shopping experience” is lessened by not being able to protect myself, my wife, or my children while in your warehouse. While it was generous of you to offer to be responsible for my protection while on your property, I really would prefer you not. Since Costco Membership is only open to limited group of qualified people. It is clear that gun owners are not “qualified” to be members. Are there other parts of the Bill of Rights that Costco hates as much as the 2nd Amendment?

You also made reference to the privilege of being a member. It doesn’t sound like one to me.


Sorry guys but this is a Wholesale club, & Costco does sell gun vaults..
When going to a gun range, it is required that the weapon be in a closed caring case unloaded.
In a place like Costco a concealed weapon should not be allowed. Sorry!



I have some questions that could be posed for Costco's legal department to answer on their 'choosing' to deny the right of self defense. Here is the email I sent them. Of course there would have to be a suit filed and it would take years to wind its way through the courts. However, if JPFO is going to join into the fight, these questions need to be asked.

By the way, I forwarded your alert to all of our firearms association members.

Email to Costco follows for your entertainment:

> Looks like Costco (while not in our area...yet) is trying the same as
> some other companies did years ago in banning CCW holders the right of
> self protection while in their stores. This particular tact you are
> using is that Costco is NOT open to the public and is a PRIVATE club.
> So let’s see here.
> Can a member of the general public walk in off the street to walk your
> isles to see if they want to join and if their prices are worth the
> membership?
> If YES, then the store is open to the general public, they just can't
> purchase without a membership.
> If NO, then would the person requesting such a 'walk through' to see
> if the cost of membership was worth the savings be arrested for
> TRESPASSING? I seriously doubt it. And if they were to request a walk
> through would they be 'escorted' and then ejected?
> Now for another question to ponder. If as a PRIVATE CLUB, could Costco
> selectively suspend a person’s Civil Rights? Say, not let Blacks
> purchase or join? How about not allowing Mid Easterners to join, would
> that be more 'politically correct'? If you CAN discriminate then I say
> that under equal protection under the law, any store can become a
> 'members only' club and selectively choose who they can and can not
> sell to, or serve as in the case of a restaurant for example. How
> about a MEMBERS ONLY town whereby the 'owners', i.e. members select
> who can move in a where they can or can not live?
> Raise you hands if you think that Constitutional Law and
> constitutionally guaranteed rights can be selectively chosen for
> people to be allowed to have simply because the individuals are a
> member of a 'private' club.
> Now IF Costco does this successfully, and constitutionally legally, in
> the name of safety then here is my proposal. Then people, who are like
> minded, could found a club whereby in order to purchase from that club
> and to be a member of that club one must have a conceal carry permit
> and support the 2nd Amendment to it's fullest extent. And that the
> club store could deny anyone membership who did not support the 2nd
> Amendment. Which simply means that members must be a member in good
> standing of a 2nd Amendment organization as a prerequisite to becoming
> a member and purchase from the club, on line or in person. Now, raise
> your hand again, if you think such a club would not be sued by the
> liberal's, i.e. ACLU, within a week of opening its doors to 'MEMBERS
> ONLY'?


If this is not the right address please let me know.

In the Sate of Georgia you can go into any "Wholesale Club" (Costco, BJ's, etc), to purchase prescription medications without a membership. Since you are not signing Costco's agreement of rules that they use to take away your CCW rights and ultimately your civil rights, how can they hide from your rights by the premise that they are having you sign away your rights?
In most Costco's, that I have been in the pharmacies are stategically placed deep in the back of the store so you are free to wander their premises with hopes of luring you into purchasing a membership by making it necessary to pass other merchandise that you are restricted from buyiing since you are not a member.
Unfortunately, I am a member of Costco and did not see this is in their fine print. Since the cost of some prescriptions can be several hundred dollars and they will not take a check unless you are a member, I do feel more comfortable carrying my weapon with large amounts of cash in my pocket.
With the newly released $4.00 generic presciption price offerred by Walmart, I can assure you that I will not be renewing my membership with Costco.



I noticed in Stephen P Wenger's daily mailing that you are following the Costco Gun Ban issue. A week or so ago, in response to an other article in Wenger's mailing I sent the following inquiry to Costco via their website "comments" form, and received the following reply:

(I have cleaned up both of these messages to remove personal identifiers and "junk" characters resulting from the mailing programs - I have the unedited originals of these emails on file)


My message to Costco:

--Original Message--
Date: 10/22/2006 10:33:44 AM
Subject: Other

Note this message was submitted through the web site customer suggestion page on 10/22/2006 12:00:00 AM at 10:32:20.5055828.
Comment/Suggestion/Request/Question Text:

It has come to my attention that Costco has instituted a policy prohibiting legally carried firearms in your stores. This is extremely unfortunate, and I believe short-sighted for by insisting that your stores be "gun-free zones" you are in fact making them into "defenseless victim zones." You are further choosing to exclude from your stores some of the finest, most responsible, and most law-abiding people in the country - and in the case of Concealed Weapon Permit Holders these people have been very thoroughly investigated. By virtue of having a permit to carry a weapon, you know that they have never been convicted of a felony, or even a violent misdemeanor in the last 10 years. You know that they don't have any drug or alcohol addiction, and no history of mental problems. And you know that their county sheriff doesn't consider them a threat to them self or others. Do you know all of that about any of your other customers? My firearm and I are nearly inseparable - Like Karl Malden and his American Express Card, I "don't leave home without it!" As a Business Member of your "club" this policy will cause me to seriously reconsider my shopping and buying decisions.

Costco's reply:

Subject: Re: Other [#52771]

Dear M,

Thank you for your email to Costco Wholesale.

In reference to your inquiry on our policy disallowing the carrying of firearms in our warehouse stores.
Costco does not believe that it is necessary for firearms to be brought into its warehouse stores, except in the case of authorized law enforcement officers. For the protection of all our members and employees, we feel this is a reasonable and prudent precaution to ensure a pleasant shopping experience and safe workplace. Our policy is meant to protect our members and employees in all warehouses around the world. This is not a new policy and we do not customize the policy for each individual city/county/state/country where we do business.
Bringing a firearm into our warehouse does not enhance the shopping experience. We are sorry the message you are hearing is that "we don't want you." It is the firearms that we exclude in the warehouses, not the carriers.

Thank you,

Costco Wholesale Corporation


Dear Sir :
As an addendum to the JPFO notice that I received .

If Costco wishes to have a no firearms victim disarmament policy I agree that you should be able to.
It's your property and your right. I am not a member but one time about two years ago I went to the outlet at Indianapolis on 86th Street. I am a male and carry a " hand bag" . I went in and asked the lady door greeter if there was some way I could come in and look for a particular item. She said yes. But I would have to get a one day pass. OK how do I go about that ? She proceeded to tell me the rules as to how to get a pass. After this she asked to see what was in my hand bag. I saw the posting that Costco reserves the right to inspect all bags.
It's your property I complied. I showed here every thing in it. Money, gloves , wallet , sunglasses , reading glasses , medical compression bandage , ink pen , paper , swiss army knife , letterman tool , extra car keys , rain hat ,cell phone , flashlights , pepper spray , two spare magazines for my , oh yes one .45 Cal semi automatic hand gun.
I obeyed all requests . I was not rude. I complied without protest. I am white , 48 years of age and usually dress in dockers and a polo shirt. Yes a persons appearance can be determination of ones character. That is why I include this. She acted fine and told me to go to the counter and get my day pass. I did and went off to look at a utility trailer. A few minuets later two Sheriff's deputes come up to talk to me. { My wife was waiting in the car and told me later she saw the two patrol cars come in very quickly. So I can only guess what your employees told the dispatcher. I also assume that the store could not find one " man " to come up and talk to me. } I won't go into the entire discussion I had with them. But suffice to say after I asked them what their probable cause was . Then explained why they don't need to be bothering me. They went away or should I say they went to your tabled snack area and waited till I left. { Further proving my appearance and demeanor is professional . They had no reason to detain me. }

Here are the facts.
1. I obeyed all requests.
2. I was orderly in my conduct.
3. I had broken no laws or company polices. { I was allowed to enter and the police did not escort me out.}
4. You were sexually selective in your searchers. { I saw different women come in with hand bags larger than mine and they were not searched. }
5. I did not spend any money at your store.
6. I will not spend any money at your store in the future.
7.I let anyone that is interested know that you exercise your right to create a victim disarmament zone.
8. That law enforcement , by court rulings , do not have to protect individuals.
[ WASHINGTON, June 27, 2005 - The Supreme Court ruled on Monday that the police did not have a constitutional duty to protect a person from harm, even a woman who had obtained a court-issued protective order against a violent husband making an arrest mandatory for a violation.

Here is what I'll do for you.

1. I will stay away from your property.
2. I will not sue you for being sexually selective in your searches.
3. I will respect your philosophy and right to only allow law enforcement to be there with firearms to help out .
4. If I see either employee or patron being accosted , robbed , beaten , car-jacked or ass raped.
I will turn up the radio and drive on down the street . Knowing that I have complied and pleased you in not coming on your property to aid someone with my firearm. There by allowing the professionals to come to their aid. [ If they wish to .]
5. If I ever am informed of someone suing you for failure to provide a " safe haven ". I will aid them financially.

Thank you.


Thank you.

I absolutely agree with you!

My Costco membership is up for renewal and I will be sending Costco a letter informing them of the reason I will not be renewing.

While it is their "right" to REQUEST members not to carry on their premises, it is my RIGHT to carry a firearm in order to protect myself and my loved ones.

I will not put myself or my loved ones at increased danger by shopping in a known "gun-free" environment where criminals may prey on their victims with an assurance than they will be the only ones carrying weapons. For much the same reason I have taken my children out of public schools.

Requiring law-abiding citizens to disarm for "public safety" is a flawed and naive concept AT BEST and is, in reality, a plank of the Communist Manifesto which seeks to disarm the general population in order to establish a totalitarian police state.

Since Costco imports a significant portion of their merchandise from Communist China, it is interesting that they also seek to promote the communist agenda in the U.S. I am sure most employees are just unwitting dupes. These "useful idiots" as the communists call them will no longer receive my money.



Regarding your Costco Ban,
I have been aware of it for many years. I have spent hours lecturing Costco employees about their un-american store.
I would resign my membership if not for my mother, who shares my card. I shop at Sam's Club, at their store cash is king, they do not try to restrict your constitutional rights, so I shop with my gun on, in fact the only time I remove my gun is when I'm in a client's home (then I leave one in my pocket).


Dear Ms. Bradley:

I just heard about your policy of barring honest people who are legally licensed to carry a gun, from entering Costco premises. I can understand that an openly carried gun would scare your customers and that would not be good for business.

However, the holder of a concealed carry permit carries just as the name implies, concealed.

Now your policy wouldn't bother me at all because anyone who had a gun on him, carrying concealed, wouldn't be noticed by your personnel anyway.

What does bother me is that putting up a sign barring guns from the premises lets every criminal know that everyone in the store is defenseless. That disturbs me greatly because that can put my family and/or myself in harms way.

Regrettably, you won't be seeing me in your store until all such signs are removed. Too bad, I liked the place.

Very truly yours,



What Costco gun ban?

My reply to the news of Costco's gun ban is: "So what?" Do they have metal detectors? Do they they do body searches? What will they do if they determine a honest person is carrying?

This is much to do about nothing. They are simply exhibiting the usual stupidity that assumes criminals obey rules, and they are to be pitied for it. My advice is to ignore them, and go about your business. Just don't fret them by flashing your piece like an ass.



Re your E-mail, the following is a copy of what I sent to the link provided in the above mentioned. I wonder if I will get anything in the way of a reply?


From some comment on the Internet, I see that your claim re what appears to be your "no firearms in Costco facilities policy" revolve about the fact that your facilities are not open to the general public, Costco being a private membership organization or club.

Re this, I wonder as to the following. Did your members, those who hold Costco cards vote on this policy, as one might expect in cases where the membership of a club were involved? Please advise.

Thank you.



Certainly COSTCO has a right as a private business to insist that its members and customers be defenseless against the lunatics and criminals who will not care about what sign is posted on the front door or printed in a membership brochure. In fact, it is likely that a gun ban policy will attract exactly the type of criminal activity that you seek to prevent, the work place shooting.

Of course, your customers and members have a right to stop doing business with COSTCO.

The real question, is will COSTCO feel any responsibility or pay damages if and when the policy results in unnecessary death and injury?



My reply to CostCo gun ban -
sent to Stephanie Bradley
Executive Assistant to:
Joel Benoliel - SVP-Legal & Administration
Paul Latham - VP-Membership, Marketing & Services

I just read your response to an internet friend about CostCo's decision to ban firearms in their stores.

By banning firearms in your stores, you are banning me - and my money - and my whole family - and all of my friends who are also gun owners

We'll shop elsewhere.

I have a right to carry my sidearm any where I want to go. I am a very responsible citizen, and I have legal rights to protect myself.

All you are doing by banning firearms in your store is alienating some 80 million gun owners in the USA. Even some who choose not to carry their arms will choose not to do business with you because of your illogical policy.

Why illogical? Because someone who wants to cause trouble in CostCo will know that everyone in there is unarmed. It doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure that out.

Sure, you may have a right to decide that you do not want gun-toting citizens on your property. But we also have a right to go do our shopping elsewhere.

So, until you change your policy and welcome gun owners and people who choose to protect themselves, you'll have to get along without my business. I'll be watching for the signs at your store that say welcome to gun owners.




I wrote to Costco regarding this and received the following:

Thank you for your email to Costco Wholesale.

In reference to your inquiry on our policy disallowing the carrying of firearms in our warehouse stores.
Costco does not believe that it is necessary for firearms to be brought into its warehouse stores, except in the case of authorized law enforcement officers. For the protection of all our members and employees, we feel this is a reasonable and prudent precaution to ensure a pleasant shopping experience and safe workplace. Our policy is meant to protect our members and employees in all warehouses around the world. This is not a new policy and we do not customize the policy for each individual city/county/state/country where we do business.
Bringing a firearm into our warehouse does not enhance the shopping experience. We are sorry the message you are hearing is that "we don't want you." It is the firearms that we exclude in the warehouses, not the carriers.

Thank you,

Costco Wholesale Corporation

I wrote back canceling my membership and my family's membership....made no difference. Costco wants sheep, not customers.

Life Member



The note below is a message I sent to CostCo.
Tim A.

"The letter below confirms just how ANTI- American that CostCo really is. You can be sure that I will never allow my shopping needs to become a CostCo member. Why don't you move your business to North Korea, or China where your kind of beliefs belong?"


Thanks for the update.


Dear Ms Bradley:

Greetings - I hope this note finds you well!

I have learned that Costco forbids firearms carry within its boundaries. Allow me to say that no one without malicious intent is any threat to Costco or its visitors, but those few who are will not heed a Costco regulation forbidding people to carry a firearm. In fact, visitors and staff are at greater danger with the prohibition of means for those who would assist in putting down a threat to people and normal business intercourse.

Costco's allowance of peace officer servants to do so as a matter of official business is not out of line, but I wonder if Costco is aware of the fact that police have the highest accidental discharge rates from unsafe handling of any group of firearms users. And, I wonder if Costco is aware of the fact that peace officers are known within shooting circles nationwide as the most inaccurate and unsafe people at the range? I also wonder if Costco applies the same standards to off-duty servants as normal people, or if a double standard exists.

I have carried a firearm on Costco premises a number of times, and you are none the worse for it. If there had been a threat that would best have been served by an immediate armed response, would you have preferred to dial 911 and waited a full minute or two for a response from elsewhere while carnage played its way out and hostages that will later sue you were taken, or would you have preferred a citizen immediately came to the aid of fellow citizens while at the same time refusing to be a voluntary victim? In this hypothetical, you're going to be sued either way, but less so in the latter case. The rose colored glasses of a violence free society must come off, also, because society has never been without it, nor will it be so long as time exists.

In the mean time I have instructed my precious wife to shop elsewhere, until Costco repeals demands she discard her only means of self defense against such an aggressor. We will not cooperate with you by leaving something so delicate as our personal safety in the hands of "professionals".



dear ms. bradley:

i trust costco has considered the ramifications of its announced policy of banning guns on its premises, the most obvious being costcop, by denying members the right to self-defense, has assumed the responsibility of defending and protecting those members. failure to do so must surely subject costco to liability in tort for assuming the duty to defend and failing to do so.




As a matter of interest, I visited the Costco store in [redacted], Arizona recently and saw the "NO FIREARMS ALLOWED" sign at the entrance. I went inside to the Customer Service desk and asked to see the floor manager, who appeared fairly quickly. She informed me that as long as I had a concealed weapon permit, she had no problem with my carrying my firearm in the store.

She didn't feel comfortable putting that in writing, however, and while we didn't discuss it, there is the problem that she is not the only floor manager. I obtained from her the address of the corporate headquarters and wrote them a polite letter, pointing out all the fallacies of their position. I also enclosed one of the cards from the Firearms Coalition which points out "gun bans ensure only lawbreakers will be armed" (etc., etc. They never answered the letter.


I have just learned that Costco does not want its members to carry firearms in its stores.

Since I have never been asked if I am carrying a concealed handgun when I entered any of your stores, this has not been a problem for me in the past.

I have a license to carry concealed handguns and intend to do so whenever I choose to.

I have been a Costco member for many years, I enjoy being a member, I don't want to quit, but I will have give serious thought to quitting if I am ever challenged as I enter one of your stores.




STEPHANIE BRADLEY: The shopping experience is not enhanced by bringing a firearm into our warehouse.

ME: Thank you for your opinion, but it is defective and inaccurate.

STEPHANIE BRADLEY: Our primary goal at Costco Wholesale is to keep our members happy.

ME: Well, that doesn't seem to be working out, does it?




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