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January 11, 2007


In our award-winning documentary film _Innocents Betrayed_, we document the indisputable connection between "gun-control" schemes and subsequent genocides. The irrefutable evidence we present has changed the minds of plenty of former gun-prohibitionists.

We want more people to see this dramatic film, so we're introducing our downloadable pay-per-view videos.

The pay-per-view approach is a way for you to influence MILLIONS of people around the globe, educating them on the horrors of government-inflicted "gun control" schemes. How? Simply by emailing the link to our new Video Download Store to others, you're helping preserve your rights and perhaps even saving your life. Distributing _Innocents Betrayed_ over the internet makes this film available to people who may not otherwise have purchased it. Or who may have been prevented from seeing it by their governments.

This is is a nightmare for the U.N. and all gun-prohibitionists. Imagine people all over the world learning the ugly truth about "gun control".

For just $5, anyone anywhere can download and watch _Innocents Betrayed_. That's right -- just $5 will get you this award winning film, which you can watch as many times as you like for the course of a week, conveniently playing on your personal computer. If after purchasing your _Innocents Betrayed_ pay-per-view, you want to purchase a DVD copy (and we think you will), we'll refund the $5 you spent on your download! Just save the receipt from the download and send it to us at when you purchase your DVD.

Before we give you the link, we want to note a couple of things:

- First, the download can be played for ONE week on ONE computer. Once you activate it on a computer, you can't play it on any other system!

- Secondly, to activate it, you must be connected to the internet. If you're not connected, you can't start it. Don't worry, though; after you activate it that first time, you don't have to be connected for subsequent playings.

- Next, you need the latest version of Windows Media Player to play the videos. It won't work with Real Player, iTunes, or any other player. Windows Media Player is available free at

- Finally, make sure you read the important information about our video downloads as displayed in the Video Download Store. Answers to common technical questions can be found in there. We at JPFO can assist you with any downloading issues you might experience (just email, but we can't answer any technical questions you might have about playing the video.

So let's get started! Click on (or just go to and click on "Video Store") to visit our video store and start downloading (you'll notice we also have our award-winning documentary _Bill of Rights or Bust_ for download as well).

It's never been easier to educate others and aggravate the prohibitionists and rights-destroyers in the process. So get started TODAY!

- The Liberty Crew

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