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March 21, 2007

BATFE Killing Idaho's Oldest Gun Shop

Red's Trading Post in Twin Falls, Idaho, is the state's oldest gun shop, opened since 1936. In 2004, a routine BATFE audit revealed minor clerical errors. According to Red's, out of nearly ten THOUSAND firearms transferred between 1996 and 2004, the alleged error rate did not even reach 1%. Even the BATFE acknowledges these are minor paperwork errors -- there are no missing firearms and no willful illegal acts.

And yet the BATFE has revoked the ability of Red's Trading Post to acquire firearms for resale, although they're still permitted to sell the firearms in stock ... for now. But that's not enough -- the BATFE wants to revoke Red's license permanently.

Red's appealed, was denied, and are now headed to federal court. They have spent over two years and $20,000 in legal fees in this battle and are now taking it public. You can read more about Red's Trading Post at and view their fact sheet (in MS Word format) at .

The Red's Trading Post site even includes an article about a competitor -- Blue Lakes Sporting Goods -- who was similarly railroaded by the BATFE. In an act of supreme hubris, the BATFE actually denied the Blue Lakes the right to appeal until AFTER they were in the middle of a "Going Out of Business" sale!

Unfortunately, as our readers know, this is hardly unusual behavior for the BATFE.

During the March 28, 2006 Congressional BATFE hearings, attorney Richard Gardiner testified that the BATFE's "enforcement" tends to focus on trivial violations that do not affect public safety, and that the BATFE imposes an unreasonable standard of perfection on FFLs ( ). That latter is especially ironic considering the extremely poor state of the BATFE's own record-keeping, about which they routinely perjure themselves in court (see and hear it from the mouth of the NFA Branch chief himself in Batfe - Reckless Record Keeping ).

JPFO understands that enough is enough. We plan to bring this rogue agency to its knees with our upcoming documentary _The Gang_ ( Throughout its production, we've received help from criminal investigators, historians, attorneys, BATFE victims, rock legend Ted Nugent, Knob Creek Enterprises, _Unintended Consequences_ author John Ross, and many others. Everyone who understands the true threat to our freedoms that the BATFE poses owes these people a very big thank you.

We plan to list these heroes in the Producer's Circle of the film credits -- it's the least we can do. And it's not too late for YOU to join them. If you want to be listed in the Producers circle, we need your contribution RIGHT NOW. Go to . A donation of $250 or more will get you listed, plus you'll receive a free DVD copy of the finished film and a copy of our book _"Gun Control": Gateway to Tyranny_.

Do it for Red's Trading Post. Do it for Blue Lakes Sporting Goods. Do it for ALL the victims of the BATFE's arbitrary, capricious "enforcement". Most of all, do it for yourself.

Do it today.

- The Liberty Crew

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