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March 30, 2007

The New Ghetto Jews

"Ghetto Jew" is a perjorative term used to describe those Jews who advocated working with the German government during the Nazi reign. Afraid of "rocking the boat" or "making things worse", the ghetto Jews not only did not resist the increasing oppression, but sometimes even assisted the Nazi terror by becoming Kapos ( or serving on the Judenrat (

Unfortunately this is common in any time of oppression. The firearms community, as you will see, has its own ghetto Jews.

The FAIR Trade group is an organization representing the interests of businesses involved in the legal import and export of firearms across international boundaries. In July 2001, Executive Director Rob Talley spoke at the United Nations Conference on Small Arms. His opening words were, "It is very important that we clarify at the outset that our membership supports efforts to ... restrict the illicit trade in small arms and light weapons."

A recent newsletter from FAIR shows that they are continuing to compromise away YOUR rights. Some of their "accomplishments" include:

  • Co-sponsoring a workshop with the US State Department Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC) on small arms export licensing
  • Promoting a "more narrow" definition of a small arms for future UN arms treaties
  • "Reaching out" to the State department and "work[ing] with them to develop a more transparent and certain export licence approval process and constructive industry participation..."

They also express relief that " we discussed at the annual meeting, there was considerable concern that the budget impasse in Congress would result in a loss of staff or a freeze in hiring at ATF. Fortunately, funding for the 2007 fiscal year came in above dire projections so the office is not expected to drop staff as feared."

More BATFE agents? Oh, goody.

The FAIR Trade Group isn't alone in its betrayal of firearms owners. The National Firearms Act Trade and Collectors Association ( proudly annouces that they regularly meet with the highest officials in the BATFE to "find a better way to work together." ( )

Hey, it worked for the Judenrat, right?

Instead of opposing our tyrants -- the UN, the BATFE, and all the other gun-prohibitionists -- these agencies are working WITH them, assisting in their own downfall and selling us out, all while defensively claiming, "It would have been worse if we hadn't!"

At what point does compromise become complicity?

- The Liberty Crew

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