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May 7, 2007

"A Dangerous Game of Dress-Up"

LewRockwell.Com recently ran an article entitled, "A Dangerous Game of Dress-Up" by Rob Blackstock. You can read the article here: . In it, Blackstock points out that "playing dress-up" -- whether as a weekend cowboy or Civil War reenactor -- allows ordinary people to become something they are not. But not all games of dress-up are innocent.

SWAT teams, asserts Blackstock, are just another form of playing dress-up, but are far more dangerous. Once a police department forms a SWAT team -- complete with ninja masks and tanks -- the miliary attitude begins to pervade the other members of the force. After all, who didn't want to play soldier when he was a kid?

This increasing militarization of police departments, which is encouraged by our federal government, allow both law enforcement and the public at large to become acclimated to the heavy-handed tactics used by SWAT teams. And who likes to use heavy-handed tactics more than our "friends" at the BATFE? You can bet they are salivating as they watch today's reality shows glamorizing their favorite brutal methods, as used by your friendly neighborhood police department.

Police militarization gives the BATFE more power to oppress. Our soon-to-be-released documentary _The Gang_ will help you educate your fellow citizens on their arbitrary, capricious and at times malicious approaches to "enforcement". Go to for more information.

- The Liberty Crew

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