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May 28, 2007

The Gang Is Now Available!

It’s here at last -- the long-awaited 85-minute DVD documentary exposing the irresponsible, malicious, and criminal actions of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (BATFE). After just the first few shocking minutes you’ll fully understand why we call it: The Gang.

Your contributions helped make The Gang a reality. Thanks to your generosity and support gun owners finally have a hard-hitting, one-of-kind educational weapon to use against this rogue agency. Our weapon fires the most devastating ammunition of all: documented truth.

DVDs are for sale NOW at (or through our online store at ). Now it’s time for each of us to use The Gang. Really use it to rid ourselves, once and for all, of what can rightly be called an infamous criminal syndicate masquerading as a legitimate federal agency.

Just some of the ammunition we’ve packed into this 85-minute movie:

  • Authentic government footage shows how the ATF lies and cheats to turn innocent semi-automatic rifles into “illegal machine guns” -- and turn innocent gun owners into felons.
  • Gutsy victims of ATF crimes share their stories and show how easily _any_ gun owner can become a federal target.
  • John Ross, author of Unintended Consequences, explains that the ATF was so terrified of his book – a mere novel! -- that they tried to intimidate booksellers into stopping sales. (Ross also shows how he and his publisher stopped the ATF in their tracks. It is possible to push back when the ATF pushes you.)
  • Thanks to ATF expert, attorney, and scholar (and The Gang screenwriter) David T. Hardy, we’re able to include footage that shows just how seriously (not!) ATF agents prepared for the Waco raid that became one of the deadliest fiascoes in so-called law-enforcement history.
  • You’ll hear evidence that a high ATF official knew that the 1968 Gun Control Act is based on Nazi law – and didn’t care.

Then there’s a valuable bonus just for you and your loved ones. One that can save you from ATF bullying and possibly even years of false imprisonment! Attorney Monroe Whitesides (who won the infamous Glover case against the ATF) tells you 10 things to do – and not do! -- when federal agents come to your door.

You remember the Glover case; you saw it in JPFO’s earlier documentary, BATFE Fails the Test. In that horror story, the ATF tried to send an innocent man to prison – simply because his totally legal semi-automatic rifle malfunctioned. But Monroe Whitesides, a sharp-witted attorney who knows both guns and gun law, foiled the ATF. John Glover is a free man today as a result of Whitesides' smarts and the expertise of Len Savage, the consultant Whitesides called in. Now the same legal expertise is available to you only in The Gang. His list of cautions could save you thousands of dollars in legal fees ... or even save you from prison!

We've only scratched the surface of what this documentary covers. Says Rob Walker of Shotgun News magazine:

"The Gang is a wake up call to America. Criminal elements within our government are undermining the U.S. Constitution at every turn. This information should be shared with everyone you know, starting with your legislators."

This is an opportunity for 100 million gun owners to take back the Second Amendment. We've designed The Gang to win hearts and minds, especially those of gun owners who've been "on the fence" about the necessity of the BATFE. If we use it well, we’ll have changed the odds in our favor. Anyone who funds and supports the ATF will be humiliated and on the run. And Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America ( ) fully agrees. He says:

"Evil needs secrecy and shadow to exist. The Gang drags this band of rogue criminals into the light; where we, The American People will judge their evil deeds."

Make no mistake, there are a lot of people who DON'T want you to see this film. Highly-place bureaucrats, politicos, and "patriots for profit" BENEFIT from the BATFE. It would be in their best interest to try to stop the American people from seeing The Gang.

You choose: Abolish the BATFE or lose your gun freedom.

Don't let that happen. Stand up to BATFE. Sit down and order a copy of The Gang today! Visit or go to to order.

- The Liberty Crew

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