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June 8, 2007

More on Red's Trading Post

In our June 6 alert (, we mentioned that Red's Trading Post -- Idaho's oldest gun shop, currently under attack by the BATFE -- is now blogging their experiences.

If you haven't visited the blog, do so now at . You might want to read his Jun 7 post "Where Can I Find Safety" in which Ryan discusses his new Life Member relationship with JPFO. You can find the entry at

The more Red's fights back, the harder the BATFE is coming down. They are desperate to shut this business down, because every day that it remains open is a threat to their authority. Worse, other firearms deals might begin to believe that THEY can fight back, and where would that leave the BATFE? Remember, there's 2300 agents and 100 million gun owners. They fear the numbers.

We want to make sure that we help Red's in every way possible against this thuggish organization. We've created a page at where you can find all the links, alerts, and documents relating to this case. Don't forget to visit Red's blog regularly too -- there's plenty of activity, so it's updated regularly.

We're supporting Red's in their fight. Join us.

- The Liberty Crew

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