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June 18, 2007

More Dirt Shoveled on Second Amendment

On April 24th, we alerted folks to HR 297, the disastrous "Mental Health" bill being pushed through the House ( ). With the NRA's assistance, the bill was modified and introduced for vote last Wednesday as HR 2640. The cowardly parasites in Congress chose to pass it via voice vote, ensuring that no one could be held responsible for their vote by their constituents.

While we cannot change the situation as it stands, true Second Amendment supporters can do the following:

* Re-read our alert at , and take it to heart. The bill could have serious consequences for a large number of responsible, law-abiding gun owners.

* Read Gun Owners of America's alert at and learn from it. Second Amendment "absolutists" have very few friends in Congress OR the NRA.

As with all "gun control" legislation, HR 2640 will empower the BATFE even more. Make no mistake, this is not an "unintended" consequence to the NRA; that organization is on record as _supporting_ the role of the BATFE!

Reality is never pretty, but it is imperative that we come to grips with it. The solution to the compromising and treachery that has been taking place behind the scenes is for gun owners to focus on waking up other gun owners to join in the destruction of "gun control".

There are 100 million gun owners and a few hundred parasites in Congress. So why are we begging and groveling for our rights? JPFO offers a sharp tool to accomplish this challenge. Our new documentary _The Gang_ was specifically created to help gun owners join forces against our enemies in Congress and in so-called "pro-gun" groups.

Learn the truth. Stand up to betrayal -- sit down and order a copy of _The Gang_ today! Go to or to order.

- The Liberty Crew

PS: To learn more about the NRA's support of the BATFE (and our responses to their arguments) go to .

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