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June 21, 2007

"Gun Control" Isn't Charity, It's Theft

Our latest article, "'Gun Control' Isn't Charity, It's Theft" by writer J. Shaftoe, is now available on our website at . In it, Shaftoe makes the logical argument that giving Tzedakah (charity) to "gun control" groups is neither useful nor productive. It is in fact theft.

We urge our supporters to print out a copy of this article (available in pdf format at ) and give it to your Jewish friends and associates who donate to "gun control" groups.

While this article is a useful tool for reaching out to non-gun owners, we feel that our best chance at destroying the "gun control" demon is to reach out to other gun owners. There are over 100 million of us in the US alone. Compare that to a few hundred anti-gunners in Congress and 2300 BATFE agents enforcing "gun control" legislation. Our documentary _The Gang_ is designed specifically to accomplish this task and reach out to firearms owners. Go to or for more information.

We must mobilize gun owners to act together to win this battle for our rights. If we are successful, we will no longer have to fear "gun control" groups and their lobbyists. And we will return to a Bill of Rights Culture.

- The Liberty Crew

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