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June 29, 2007

Petition to Stop the BATFE

As our regular readers are aware, we have been following the saga of Red's Trading Post (, the Idaho gun store that has been targeted for shutdown by BATFE.

General Manager Ryan Horsley has put together a petition to stop the BATFE's blatant targeting of law-abiding firearms dealers, and to institute a fair, constitutional and speedy appeals process.

You can read the petition online at

While we commend Red's for this laudable effort to bring attention to the brutal and vindictive nature of this agency, JPFO takes the position that the only true way to stop these abuses is to eliminate BATFE altogether. To learn more about this rogue agency, check out "The Gang" at . And don't forget to check out our new handbill at !

- The Liberty Crew

PS In response to our June 27 alert, we were contacted by Alan Korwin, who wanted to clarify that he does not consider the NRA a "gun control" group.

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