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July 3, 2007

More Ideas For Independence Day

In preparation for tomorrow's Independence Day holiday*, we encourage you to download our new Uncle Sam handbill, available at . Print out copies and hand them around to give to other celebrants and spark discussions about the Second Amendment and our other rights.

You can also play our recording of a reading of the Declaration of Independence, available at . Or do your own reading!

Some more links of interest:

A Tradition of Celebration by the Adams Family

Fourth of July Celebrations Database

Patriot Music News July 4 Edition

"Remember the Americans" Music Tribute

Let's all give a noisy and robust cheer to regaining our freedoms!

- The Liberty Crew

* As a deluge of email pointed out to us, yesterday's alert contained a typographical error. Tomorrow will be the 231st anniversary of the Declaration of Independence, not the 132nd!

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