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July 10, 2007

OSHA Regs Backdoor for UN

Many of our supporters have contacted us about the recently-proposed regulations by OSHA which would put most -- if not all -- ammunition manufacturers out of business. You can read the proposed regulations in PDF format here: .

Why would the Occupational Safety and Health Administration be concerned with regulating ammunition? It appears that this move by unelected bureaucrats is an attempt to "harmonize" federal regulations with those of the United Nations, that enemy of gun owners everywhere. That's right -- YOUR confiscated tax dollars are being used to fund the destruction of the Second Amendment.

Read it for yourself on OSHA's own website at or .

We also suggest you read our alert on why the United Nations is a threat to our rights at .

According to the National Association for Gun Rights, the comment period on this ruling has been extended to 9/10/2007. Find out more at or .

And ask yourself why we allow the federal government to regulate ammunition at all.

- The Liberty Crew

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