July 11, 2007


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Politicians and arrogant thuggish bureaucrats fear humiliation and ridicule. When the people no longer accept their domination, their power collapses (remember Richard Nixon!).

Check out our latest freedom tools. As of this date,our newest internet handbill is available. This handbill will make an impact! You'll laugh at first … but it will increase your disgust with politicians. Send it to all you know, and listen to the howls in the hallowed halls of Congress.

In addition, The Gang movie trailer isonline at YouTube. It's also available for download in Quicktime format on The Gang website in MOV format, or from JPFO's server here.  Late addition - now you can watch the trailer here within JPFO.

By clicking your mouse and sending it to millions, we can expose the criminality of the BATFE and build a case for abolishing it. The internet is a powerful tool for us to spread the freedom message, so let's use it.

Remember, there are 2300 BATFE agents enforcing gun control schemes, and 100 million gun owners. We can win!

ALL OF OUR "REPUDIATE AND HUMILIATE" HANDBILLS CAN BE FOUND AT http://jpfo.org/filegen-a-m/freebies.htm



The JPFO Liberty Crew
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