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July 19, 2007

Letters from Zimbabwe

Gun prohibitionists often laugh when told that the Second Amendment exists in part to ensure that citizens can fight their own government should it be necessary. "Nonsense," they scoff. "Maybe we needed that 200 years ago, but times are different now. Governments _help_ people."


Visit , which is a first-person account, present day, from Zimbabwe. Our book _Death by "Gun Control"_ ( ) has a chapter on Zimbabwe, in which we warned -- in 2001! -- about the consequences of citizen disarmament in that country. We also cover Zimbabwe in our documentary _Innocents Betrayed_ ( ).

Our fears were well-placed. There doesn't have to be outright Nazi-style genocide for there to be massive oppression and suffering with government's consent and approval. This story also highlights what happens when government assumes command of the economy. Exactly what happened in the Soviet Union and in Red China is happening all over again in Zimbabwe.

People claim that humanity learned from those awful experiences. It hasn't. The UN, being a socialist enclave, does nothing about it. The US, cowed by political correctness, apparently has no comment.

So these poor folks suffer, starve and die, at the hands of the government that first disarmed them.

- The Liberty Crew

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