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July 26, 2007


We've been keeping our readers abreast of the trials endured by Red's Trading Post, Idaho's oldest gun shop, which has been targeted by the BATFE. You can read our previous updates on Red's (as well as links to news articles on this travesty) at or visit Red's own site at .

Despite having won an injuction to keep their business running, Red's is _still_ being harassed, seemingly because owner Ryan Horsley continues to speak publicly about the situation. On Tuesday of this week, David Codrea revealed in his "War on Guns" blog that BATFE agents "...had threatened [Ryan Horsley] that he needed to cease all blogging and keep their agents and inspectors free from being photographed or observed, or they would go to the judge and file a complaint of harassment."

You can read the blog and the complaint that the ATF subsequently filed against Horsley's exercise of the First Amendment here: or .

We'd like to draw your attention especially to the line "...videotaping and photographing of ATF personnel is not disallowed by law or regulation; howevever, the use of those images ... are subject to certain restrictions." Considering the number of newsclips in which the ATF is featured bursting heroically into a houseful of alleged terrorists, those restrictions on video or photographs apparently only apply when they show the ATF in a bad light.

As desperately afraid the ATF is of having their firearms tests documented by videotape, one can hardly be surprised by this attitude.

We also found the following statement interesting: "[After an employee videotaped an inspection] Red's was notified that these images were not to be used _for any documentary_ or without the consent of the ATF." (emphasis ours). JPFO has produced two documentaries that show the BATFE in a bad light, _BATFE Fails the Test_ ( ) and _The Gang_ ( ). BATFE knows this, and knows that we've been closely monitoring the situation at Red's. Could this have been a ploy to prevent us from publicizing Red's case in a future documentary?

We urge you to read the complaint. The ATF wants to hide its dirty deeds -- it's up to us to expose them for what they are. Share the links with everyone you know, and remember: the more people who see _The Gang_, the sooner we can shut down this rogue agency.

- The Liberty Crew

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