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August 22, 2007

"Gun Control" Glutton

There is one woman on Capitol Hill who poses a dangerous threat to your Second Amendment rights. One woman who appears to be the heir-apparent of Sarah Brady. One woman with a never-ending appetite for increasing amounts of anti-freedom, anti-self-defense "gun control".

If there is any person who ever deserved humiliation and repudiation, this is her. We must stop this woman now, or she will succeed in _eliminating_ gun ownership. Indeed, those that compromise your rights by working with her are neither your friend nor Second Amendment absolutists.

Millions of gun owners _must_ see our latest handbill, available at . This woman's activities will reinforce and invigorate the BATFE's ability to destroy gun owners and gun ownership.

Print it out or email it; either way, distribute it far and wide to show everyone the face of this "Gun Control" Glutton.

- The Liberty Crew

PS Don't forget that you can see all of our handbills at !


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