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August 27, 2007

Sketch of fictional gun gets 13 y.o. student ejected from school

At JPFO we have always stressed the dangers, not just of "gun control" laws, but of the whole citizen disarmament ideology. Ideas have consequences ... especially bad ideas.

A few days ago, a 13 year old student doodled a "laser gun" at his school in a suburb of Phoenix. School officials learned of the doodle and suspended the boy for 5 days, later reduced to 3 days. ( )

Why did this boy's doodle deserve any scrutiny at all, let alone a suspension penalty? The answer is: an idea. The idea that the very thought of weapons, whether real or imaginary, must be detected and punished.

This travesty is just the latest in a long history of "zero tolerance" policies that punish thinking and writing about self-defense tools.

To learn more about how "zero tolerance" is part of a greater program of Orwellian Newspeak about firearms that underlies the "gun control" agenda, pick up a copy of the award-winning book, _Death by "Gun Control"_ ( ), and read the initial few chapters.

And don't forget to have your kids read our Gran'pa Jack booklet _"Gun Control" Kills Kids_ , available at

As America continues through this 2008 election cycle, pro-self-defense citizens must be ready to deal with the likely upsurge of "gun control" rhetoric. _Death by "Gun Control"_ provides the documentation citizens need to stand their ground and help fellow gun owners and other voters understand the issues.

We promise the book is "safe" for use in schools -- there are no drawings of guns in the book!

The Liberty Crew

PS Speaking of lunacy in Phoenix, visit to read about how gun melter Phil Gordon, mayor of Phoenix, has been endorsed by the NRA Political Victory Fund.


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