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August 31, 2007

All the Bill of Rights for Everyone

Unlike some "civil rights" organizations, JPFO doesn't pick and choose among the Bill of Rights; it's all or nothing. Indeed, one of our catch-phrases is "All the Bill of Rights for All Citizens!"

But maybe that's not enough, either.

In our latest article entitled "Toward an International Bill of Rights Union," L. Neil Smith analyzes the United States' trend toward globalization, a trend that has in the past led us toward -- as Smith puts it -- the "seemingly inexorable Nazification of a once-free civilization."

Yet globalization goes both ways. Rather than importing more laws and more restrictions on our freedoms , perhaps we should concentrate on _exporting_ the Bill of Rights around the world.

Read "Toward an International Bill of Rights Union" at . And don't forget that you can read all our articles by L. Neil Smith at .

In addition, we have two quick notes of interest.

First, we've received many responses to our Jesse Jackson handbill ( Those who have not seen our documentary _The Gang_ ( ) were bewildered at the offensive "hunting license" pictured in the handbill. We didn't create that license -- _the BATFE did_! Read about it at .

Secondly, for those who have been following the Red's Trading Post saga ( ), a grassroots campaign is springing up to nominate owner Ryan Horsley as a replacement for scandal-ridden U.S. Senator Larry Craig. Read about it in the Liberty Sphere blog at or .

- The Liberty Crew


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