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September 11, 2007

Happy New Year!

Wednesday at sundown begins the Jewish New Year 5768. We would like to wish everyone a joyous, healthy, prosperous and freedom-filled New Year! In honor of the holiday, JPFO offices will be closed until Monday, September 17.

For your reading pleasure, please visit to view our latest article by L. Neil Smith, "NI4D: Dangerously Stupid or Stupidly Dangerous?" In it he describes the insidious political plan of the group known as "NI4D". Learn how NI4D wants to control you while turning your natural, G-d given rights into government-granted privileges, under the guise of "democracy".

We also encourage you to visit our Bill of Rights Campaign page at to learn why the Bill of Rights is so important and how you can help spread the Bill of Rights message. You can also read the Bill of Rights in 16 different languages, as well as the the preamble to the Bill of Rights. The preamble makes it very clear that this Republic was founded on limiting the power of the government, not the nonsense of "democracy".

This is a page that NI4D obviously hasn't read ... and doesn't want you to read, either.

As always, you can read all of our L. Neil Smith articles at . And don't forget to view all our "Humiliate and Repudiate" handbills at .

- The Liberty Crew

PS Due to performance problems with our previous provider, JPFO is utilizing a new service for our website hosting and email alerts. We feel our new system -- with a variety of features such as online archiving, blogs, subscription confirmation, and RSS feeds -- will provide a much better experience for our subscribers. We will undoubtedly encounter technical issues during the transition, and we ask for your patience and understanding.

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