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September 18, 2007

More Tools for Tyranny

Last month we alerted our supporters to the development of dangerous new weapons by our military, weapons that could easily be used against American citizens. You can read this alert at .

The trend is growing. Following is a list of links -- courtesy of -- to yet more tools for tyranny currently under development. These articles cover everything from brain implants that can make animals hide or fight to the use of RFID chips for tracking truants and nightclub patrons. Read the articles and think of the implications.

If you'd like to see what your future will be like with all of these technological "advances", check out our novel RebelFire at .

- The Liberty Crew


- "How to control a charging bull with a radio transmitter" or

- "Chipping at the Future" or

- "An Orwellian solution to kids skipping school" or

- "Live rats driven by remote control",3604,708454,00.html or

- "RFID keeps tabs on goods, services, pets - even people" or

- "Technology gets under clubbers' skin" or

- "Professor has nightmare vision of global positioning technology" or

- "Scientists develop 'brain chip'" or

- "Chips: High Tech Aids or Tracking Tools?" or

- "Students ordered to wear tracking tags" or

- "Passports go electronic with new microchip" or

- "A Real Chip On Your Shoulder" or

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