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September 26, 2007

Special Offer for Intellectual Ammo

In recent months, we have watched as our "friends" in Congress betrayed gun owners again and again by using voice votes to ramrod rights-destroying laws through the political process and onto the books. EVERY gun owner must arm themselves with intellectual ammo to more efficiently fight the gun prohibitionists. With JPFO ammo, one hundred million gun owners could be awakened.

To facilitate this awakening, JPFO is offering the following specials through the holiday season: Buy two videos, get two free books! Purchase any two videos at the regular price, and get your choice of one of the following four books:

- ''The Mitzvah''
- ''Dial 911 and Die''
- '''Gun Control':Gateway to Tyranny''
- ''Rebelfire: Out of the Gray Zone''

Or, buy three videos and get all FOUR books FREE! That's over a $72 value!

Visit to see these specials and more.

When ordering, please make sure to read the "How to Get Your Free Book(s)" section in each special. As always, prices listed are postage paid in the continental US. Foreign orders, please call (800) 869-1884 for shipping costs.

These offers are first come first serve, so act quickly and educate your fellow citizens while giving someone special (or yourself!) a great gift!

- The Liberty Crew

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