October 9, 2007

The Battle’s Begun Over "Goody Guns"

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When we at JPFO introduced our Goody Guns program ( www.goodyguns.com ), we expected controversy ... and we got it. All over the ’net, people are talking about it, with comments all over the board.

Says Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America, "Gun owners have a wonderful opportunity with Goody Guns to counter the Zero Tolerance nonsense. Whether at school, or any other place, Goody Gun cookies and other snacks should be ostentatiously enjoyed. Yummmmmm!!"

As we predicted, the gun-grabbers are screaming, referring to JPFO as an "extremist" organization. Even Sarah Brady’s Violence Policy Center commented on Goody Guns. Amusingly, while the VPC listed most of the contents of our "Goody Guns" package, they failed to note the inclusion of our two "Gran’pa Jack" booklets, "Do Gun Prohibitionists Have a Mental Problem?" and "Gun Control Kills Kids". Apparently they’d rather not encourage their followers to think about possible holes in the "gun control" argument.

Another thing left out of the negative reviews was our focus on safe firearms handling. As noted on the Goody Guns website ( http://www.goodyguns.com ), parents should stress that Goody Guns be eaten from the back end, with the "muzzle" pointing in a safe direction. This reinforces safe firearms handling at an early age, before children are ever exposed to an actual firearm. Yet the gun-haters didn’t want to mention that either.

Sadly, many negative comments on the Goody Gun program come not only from the liberal "ban ’em all" crowd, but from within our very own ranks: the Jim Zumbos and the Joaquin Jacksons -- those who think "nobody needs a semi-auto rifle" and "five rounds ought to be enough." These are the folks bowing and scraping for political correctness, trying to be "reasonable" with those who want to destroy a fundamental right.

Let the gun-grabbers and the fence-sitters know that your rights are not up for negotiation. Send ’em a Goody Gun cookie!



The JPFO Liberty Crew
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