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October 22, 2007

Goody Guns Garner Positive Reviews

Our Goody Guns project ( ) continues making waves throughout the firearms community.

Blogger Sunni Maravillosa has published an article, "Who's Afraid of the Gun-Shaped Cookie Cutter?" at . And Tom Kampert of the _Arizona Outdoorsman_ calls it "the best idea since sliced bread!" ( ).

The Goody Guns project was designed to counteract the unceasingly lies and dangerous propaganda of the victim disarmament (aka "gun control") lobby -- lies and propaganda mostly aimed at a captive audience of children in the public school system, and spread like a disease by the mass media.

With the supervision and help of the adults in their lives, boys and girls can turn their own kitchens into "Arsenals of Liberty" by making gun-shaped cookies to keep and share, while absorbing firearms safety lessons the public schools would never teach them, and which the mass media don't want to see taught.

Get your own Goody Gun today. They are available in both semi-automatic pistol and revolver shapes. Visit !

- The Liberty Crew

PS We have updated last Thursday's "Repudiate and Humiliate" handbill. Please download the latest version at .

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