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November 30th, 2007

Is it too Late for America?

(Another reason to celebrate Bill of Rights Day Dec 15th)


Trillions now -- about $27,000 per household before the dust is finished settling -- how soon before we have to start counting in quadrillions?

That's the question novelist and columnist L. Neil Smith asks about the monetary cost of this administration's undeclared wars in Iraq and Afghanistan in his latest essay for JPFO, "Is It Too Late For America?". And that's before other, higher costs are accounted, such as the loss of individual liberties in America, and the ugly rise of fascism.

Happily, there's more than just gloom and doom to report. The bad news, Neil observes, is forcing a kind of convergence to occur between people on the right, like Patrick Buchanan, and people on the left, like Naomi Wolf, whose highest value turns out (surprisingly) to be freedom.

The world will never be the same.

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- The Liberty Crew

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