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December 7th, 2007

Contemplating Mass Murder in Omaha

Is there a reason -- aside from the hardware politicians and the mass media always love to put the blame on -- that violent atrocities like this week's bloody shopping mall shootings keep occurring?

In his most recent observations on history and human nature, "Contemplating Mass Murder in Omaha", novelist and essayist L. Neil Smith suggests three -- one that almost every gun owner in America has already thought about (but with a twist that may take your breath away) -- and two that don't seem have occurred to anybody else before.

Like many another writer at the moment, Neil discusses so-called "gun-free zones", created by government and private enterprise alike, which become easy places for lunatics to ply their murderous trade. But he goes on to explore where -- and from whom -- killers like Omaha's Robert Hawkins get their homicidal ideas in the first place.

He also identifies -- and interrogates -- the proverbial 5000 pound elephant in the parlor, and asks if killing sprees are truly spontaneous acts, or represent something deeper and more sinister.

He even offers an idea about what we can do to stop them.

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P.S. Today, December 7, 2007, marks the 66th anniversary of the "day that will live in infamy", the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, and America's official entry into World War Two. Wouldn't it be more fitting to spend the day remembering and memorializing the 2500 individuals who died on that day, than thinking about this latest insanity in Omaha?

- The Liberty Crew

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