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Help Stop the Gun Prohibitionists' Seduction of Our Children

Dear JPFO Member:

To reverse the damage caused by media lies and public school disinformation about firearms ownership, we absolutely must protect the hearts and minds of children. Did you know that a poll sponsored by the Panasonic Corporation showed most kids believe "gun control" laws should be more restrictive? These kids don't understand that it will be their job to preserve the precious legacy of the Second Amendment. How can we help them accomplish this critical task?

To instill in children a positive impression of firearms is step number one. If children had a healthy, moral, and positive view toward firearms, then the gun prohibitionists would not get away with lying to our kids. We wouldn't have schoolyard shootings, either. All of those despicable efforts to promote "gun control" would fail utterly.

A Totally New Educational Tool! JPFO has launched a new program to accomplish this goal. Please read our new Brasco (tm) story & coloring book. Brasco (tm) the Liberty Bear makes learning firearms safety fun. He creates a positive image of firearms. He teaches kids important lessons about liberty.

Brasco (tm) will make kids proud that their parents own firearms. Brasco (tm) also "inoculates" our kids against the racist anti-gun and anti-Bill of Rights rhetoric which they will hear in school, in the media, and from other brainwashed kids. The Brasco (tm) story and coloring book not only creates a desire to own and properly use firearms, but also provides a family-oriented program to teach about the proud American birthright: private firearms ownership. Every member of the family can read the Brasco (tm) book to younger kids.

Imagine the funs kids would have at a Brasco (tm) the Liberty Bear party. Cake, ice cream, and prizes for each kid who reads one of the 26 brief messages or colors one of the Brasco (tm) figures. Think of all of the young hearts and minds you could influence and win. The Brasco (tm) book also helps kids learn the alphabet, how to count, read numbers, even recognize Roman numerals. The cartoon figures are large and easy for young artists to color. The big bright bear figures reveal a range of emotions and discuss subjects that will vitally interest both boys and girls.

What if you don't have children of your own? You can do your part to save the Second Amendment by sharing this first Brasco (tm) with nephews & nieces, or with friends who do have kids. The Brasco (tm) educational program makes it possible for kids to be buddies with a solidly pro-firearms, no compromise character. This kind of program does exactly what we need: it develops a positive image of firearms ownership at this crucial time in American history.

Your Help Is Needed Today ! Here is how you can help Brasco (tm) stop the efforts of rights destroyers everywhere: buy and start using the Brasco (tm) book today! Don't delay ... order a generous supply of Brasco(tm) books and make sure they get to all of the children in your life (and their pro-liberty teachers). When you help Brasco(tm), you become part of the vital solution to stopping gun prohibitionists from subverting the hearts and minds of American children.

Yours for Liberty,
Aaron Zelman
Director, Jews For the Preservation of Firearms Ownership

Those that care more for their money than their Liberty will end up with neither. -- Aaron Zelman

P.S.: Buy 50 Brasco (tm) booklets and JPFO will send you a dozen free Brasco (tm) greeting cards. You'll save $11.95 !

TO BECOME A JPFO MEMBER, go to: There you will see a printable member application, along with info on membership. If you wish, you can become a member using our on-line application as well. Membership IS open to ALL Law abiding citizens (..if you obey the Bill of Rights, you are "Law Abiding" in JPFO's books!). Join us in this battle against the Racist Roots of "Gun Control"!


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