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January 7th 2008

How Bad Does it Have to Get?

In the second part of his new three-part essay for Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, "What's It Gonna Take?", novelist and columnist L. Neil Smith lays out some pretty ugly examples of what almost certainly awaits us -- what may be done by the government to the American people -- unless enough of us begin to act effectively now.

Nothing that you say or do -- or possibly even _think_ -- will go unobserved by the government's minions and computers. From everything you buy or sell to every kiss you give your spouse or children, there will be nothing private, nothing sacred, and every bit of it may be taken down and used as evidence against you in Big Brother's kangaroo courts.

You may just have time to log onto the Weather Channel and see if it's sunny or raining in Guantanmo, the government's tropical gulag.

See it now at and be sure to stay tuned for Part Three.

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