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January 9th 2008

Serious Second Amendment Ammunition

With the Heller case about to come before the Supreme Court , it is absolutely crucial for all gun owners to have essential knowledge about the Second Amendment, in order to inoculate their friends and neighbors against the deluge of anti-gun media hysteria that is sure to accompany it. For that purpose, we are republishing an in-depth analysis of the Second Amendment - Here.

This analysis covers:

1) The Second Amendment protects your unalienable right to self-defense and freedom from violent harm;

2) What part of "shall not be infringed" do the victim disarmers fail to understand?

3) "Well regulated" means well-trained and disciplined, not limited or controlled by government;

4) Your First Amendment rights, and all others, are protected by the Second;

5) Government can only earn legitimate authority by upholding rights and ensuring justice;

6) Before any government becomes a full-blown tyranny, it must first disarm the people.

Save your rights. Please send the article we've linked to HERE to every gun-owner in the world.

The Liberty Crew ~~~~~~~~~~~~

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