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January 16th 2008

Another Shocking Miscarriage

There's no way to put this gently.

Under brand new ruling by a federal judge, U.S. v. Olofson held in Milwaukee Wisconsin, if you take your great-granddaddy's double barrel shotgun out, pull just one trigger, and both barrels go off, it's a machinegun.


Yes, that's exactly what we said. Your great-grandfather's ancient side-by-side damascus-barreled blackpowder-only smokepole becomes a machinegun -- and you become a felon -- if it just gets worn or broken enough.

Is this legal and proper? Is it even remotely decent in what's left of what was supposed to be a free society? Can't anybody in authority -- judges, for example -- read the simple language of the Second Amendment and deal with the armed and armored miscreants who make a living, at our involuntary expense, enforcing unconstitutional laws?

Why do the wrong people keep getting sent to jail?

That's what author and essayist L. Neil Smith wants to know in his latest article for Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, "U.S. v. Olofson: a Pseudolegal Travesty", and you ought to be asking the same questions yourself. How did we get here, and how do we get out?

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