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March 5th 2008

Hand 'em Over, Hoser

Inflicting perhaps the most insulting and injurious wound on American sovereignty so far, George W. Bush has signed a formal agreement with Canada allowing their troops on our soil in an emergency, and allowing our troops on theirs. Anybody who watched what went on in New Orleans, when various uniformed thugs relieved flood victims of their only means of self-defense, knows exactly what that portends.

We mentioned this earlier, only to get complaints from our friends up north that we were playing fast and loose with their decency and integrity, so we thought we'd try to make it clearer what we meant to say.

That's why award-winning novelist and columnist L. Neil Smith wrote "THE CANADIANS ARE COMING! THE CANADIANS ARE COMING!", a deeper look into the many ramifications of Washington' deal with Ottowa. Neil actually grew up in Canada, and has a fair idea how this bargain would work.

And why it had to be made.

So click on over to and join our own little international incident. We can't promise to be painless, but we'll be interesting.

Only at JPFO!

- The Liberty Crew

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